Question Time with Dacidbro, Lordknight, and Atlusprime.


For the 40th Episode of S.Link FM we’re bringing out the big guns, or at least for those of us that love fighting games. Old friend of the show Dacidbro is coming back, as well as this year’s EVO Persona 4 Arena champion Lordknight. Last but certainly not least, we somehow convinced someone from Atlus to come on the show. That’s right, John Hardin AKA Atlusprime will be on this panel as well!

This episode we plan to discuss Persona 4 Ultimax, EVO 2015, the future of anime fighting games, and of course whatever else you want to ask the panel about! So post your questions below and we’ll pick out the best of the lot.

Note: We’ll be recording this episode on August 15th, so you’ve got just over a week to get a question in.

(For the future: all question posts will be titled “Question Time” so we don’t have stupidly long titles on the site anymore)