What is a “mature” story to you? Let us know for Episode 30!

(Art by TrueSelf)

For a good while now we’ve discussed, debated, and even poked fun at what some fans constitute a “mature” story as. Obviously our fake Persona 5 trailer being a culmination of the latter. Since then though, some people have felt we were being a little too dismissive of those who might want a “darker” game in the franchise.

So this got me thinking: What really *is* a mature story to you?

It’s an interesting thing to consider as tone, setting, theme, characterization and many other factors play into what any story is ultimately about. So it’s high time we tackle this topic head on and address some things.

So share with us your thoughts on the matter, and I’ll see to it that your comments are read on the next episode. Though just give us more general opinions/thoughts–not point by point details on your wishes for a Persona 5 plot.

The recording will be this Friday, so get those comments in well ahead of time!


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