Episode 56: Celebrating 15 years of Final Fantasy IX

It was July 7th of 2000 when Square released the last PlayStation 1 Final Fantasy title, IX. While Square may often forget this gem, we have a lot to say about Zidane and the rest of IX’s ragtag crew as we celebrate the game’s anniversary.

Prepare yourself for an hour of Chocobo Hot and Cold, Beatrix praise, and off-topic Final Fantasy VIII discussion.

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Question time: Final Fantasy IXs 15th anniversary

Final Fantasy IX is an important game in Square Enix’ history. It was the last of its era of PS1 FF games, but it was a celebration not of its most recent peers, but of the first six FFs. It’s a classic story in a colorful world with gameplay that manages to be engaging without being overly-intricate.

Well, FFFIX turned fifteen years old this month. The game originally released in Japan on the 7th of July in the year 2000. For the 56th episode of SLink FM, we’re saying happy birthday. We’ll discuss our favorite moments and characters from the game and discuss it’s place in the tapestry of Final Fantasy.

Please, take this week to send us your questions and share your own memories of Zidane, Garnet, and co.