Episode 57: Frame Perfect with Romscout

It’s time to kick the tires and light the fires because on this episode we talk all manners of speedrunning with Romscout. If you’re new to the podcast, Romscout is a well known Castlevania and SMT speedrunner, as well as event director at Games Done Quick, not to mention the Charity Event Manager at Twitch.

One this episode we talked Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, Nocturne speedrunning, why some people dislike speedrunning, and dabbled a bit in metagaming. It was a pleasure catching up with Romscout again!

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Question time with Romscout!

Waaaay back in 2013 when S.Link FM was still in its early days, one of our first big guests was SMT and Castlevania speedrunner Romscout. We talked all about SEGA buying Atlus(which was fresh news at the time) and what our thoughts on SMT IV, Nocturne, and Strange Journey were(Episode 15). Since then, Romscout has helped foster the now famous Games Done Quick charity into a phenomenon on twitch–so it’s high time we reunite!

There is probably going to be a myriad of topics discussed on this upcoming Episode, but primarily be talking about speedrunning a beast of a game like Nocturne, the GDQ charity, what is takes to be a speedrunner, that kind of thing. So please leave plenty of questions below! This episode records on the 21st.