Question time: Silent protagonists vs. voiced protagonists

The mechanics of an RPG may wildly vary from title to title, but they share a common ground in that the genre is generally known for telling great stories. How the stories are told however also varies just as much as the mechanics.

For the next episode, we want to talk about silent protagonists and contrast them with voiced protagonists. Which immerses us more, and which is better for telling a story. A small example would be between how Final Fantasy IX tells its story versus Mass Effect. Final Fantasy IX has an excellent script that sort of goes above and beyond to convey it’s tone to the player. We don’t know what Zidane sounds like, but he has such a clearly defined voice anyway. On the other hand, a game with acting has nuance on it’s side. You have conversations with Garrus in Mass Effect and you never really get terribly lengthy answers, but you can understand where he’s coming from really well because of tone. A character like Legion might not work without the voice work because his style of speaking is so stilted. You would see him as just a robot to start and that might never change, but of course the whole thing with Legion is he’s more than that.

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