Question time with cosplay extraordinaire Priscilla Kimm!

Cosplay is becoming increasingly synonymous with gaming culture as a whole, and you’ll find few fandoms as passionate about it as Persona. We’ve talked briefly about cosplay on the podcast in previous episodes, but now we’re going to dedicate an episode solely to it! Happy to announce that for Episode 43 of S.Link we’re bringing on cosplayer Priscilla Kimm!

Priscilla has been cosplaying for a number of years now(check out her work here), and has a wealth of knowledge regarding both the culture and craft behind the scene. You also may have recognized her *awesome* Rise cosplay from this past EVO. She’ll also be bringing on several of her friends that are also cosplayers too!

So if you have any questions at all regarding any aspect of cosplay, but sure to leave a comment below! We record this Episode on the 19th!

(PS: We’re going to be doing a Danganronpa 2 off topic spoilercast before this episode as well, just encase there was any confusion regarding the episode number.)