Question time with Romscout!

Waaaay back in 2013 when S.Link FM was still in its early days, one of our first big guests was SMT and Castlevania speedrunner Romscout. We talked all about SEGA buying Atlus(which was fresh news at the time) and what our thoughts on SMT IV, Nocturne, and Strange Journey were(Episode 15). Since then, Romscout has helped foster the now famous Games Done Quick charity into a phenomenon on twitch–so it’s high time we reunite!

There is probably going to be a myriad of topics discussed on this upcoming Episode, but primarily be talking about speedrunning a beast of a game like Nocturne, the GDQ charity, what is takes to be a speedrunner, that kind of thing. So please leave plenty of questions below! This episode records on the 21st.

Question time: Silent protagonists vs. voiced protagonists

The mechanics of an RPG may wildly vary from title to title, but they share a common ground in that the genre is generally known for telling great stories. How the stories are told however also varies just as much as the mechanics.

For the next episode, we want to talk about silent protagonists and contrast them with voiced protagonists. Which immerses us more, and which is better for telling a story. A small example would be between how Final Fantasy IX tells its story versus Mass Effect. Final Fantasy IX has an excellent script that sort of goes above and beyond to convey it’s tone to the player. We don’t know what Zidane sounds like, but he has such a clearly defined voice anyway. On the other hand, a game with acting has nuance on it’s side. You have conversations with Garrus in Mass Effect and you never really get terribly lengthy answers, but you can understand where he’s coming from really well because of tone. A character like Legion might not work without the voice work because his style of speaking is so stilted. You would see him as just a robot to start and that might never change, but of course the whole thing with Legion is he’s more than that.

So if you want to add to the conversation or ask a question, place do so in the comments below!

Question time: Love is in the air~

Portraying love in a meaningful way within a videogame while also giving the player agency in how a relationship plays out is something developers have struggled with for years now. Unless a game tells a linear narrative focused on love like Silent Hill 2 or Final Fantasy VIII, often games tend to trivialize it. There’s long since been a debate as to what developers and franchises “get it right” and of course Persona is in the heart of this discussion.

In the next episode, we plan to discuss the portrayal of love both in platonic & romantic ways  in Persona, and compare/contrast it with the likes of other franchises like Baldur’s Gate, Mass Effect, and whatever else may come to our minds. So if you have any questions or comments, now is the time to get them in!

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What is a “mature” story to you? Let us know for Episode 30!

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For a good while now we’ve discussed, debated, and even poked fun at what some fans constitute a “mature” story as. Obviously our fake Persona 5 trailer being a culmination of the latter. Since then though, some people have felt we were being a little too dismissive of those who might want a “darker” game in the franchise.

So this got me thinking: What really *is* a mature story to you?

It’s an interesting thing to consider as tone, setting, theme, characterization and many other factors play into what any story is ultimately about. So it’s high time we tackle this topic head on and address some things.

So share with us your thoughts on the matter, and I’ll see to it that your comments are read on the next episode. Though just give us more general opinions/thoughts–not point by point details on your wishes for a Persona 5 plot.

The recording will be this Friday, so get those comments in well ahead of time!


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Episode 15 on SMT IV with Romscout records this Friday – Send us your questions!


Despite being a Persona podcast first and foremost, we’ve tried to encompass the larger Shin Megami Tensei mythos with episodes like Mind Games. Now with episode 15, we’re going to talk all about the recently released SMT IV. Both from the perspective of Persona fans trying out a non-Persona SMT game for the first time, and from the perspective of veterans of the SMT franchise. For this episode, SMT connoisseur and well known streamer romscout will be joining the panel, so if you have ANY questions about the franchise as a whole, now is the time to ask.

Episode is recording this Friday, so get those quesitons in soon!