Episode 27: Your Expression has changed to Pepsiman!

Episode 27 Title Card

It’s not often you get to speak to a Japanese-English translation savant, but this past weekend, we did just that. On Episode 27 of S. Link FM, we got to sit down with the man, the myth, the legend–Pepsiman.

Pepsiman has been doing a lot of various translation work on Persona content for quite some time now. The most well known of his work being the English translation of the Katsura Hashino interview from Persona Magazine. So if you want to be educated on the translation from by a master, tune into this episode.

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Translation talk is happening this Saturday with Pepsiman!

sample_458e783ec4f9dfdc2a62dd59491ea36f60b503e4By now, you’ve probably seen the lengthy interview with Katsura Hashino from last December’s Persona Magazine. Most western fan where not privy as to what the contents of the interview entailed, well, that is until freelance English-Japanese translator and Persona fan Pepsiman was kind enough to do a full translation of the interview.

Pepsiman has been doing various translation work for some time now, and he’s been especially awesome to the Persona community as of late. So we thought it’s be cool to have him on the podcast, and low and behold–it’s happening!

So if you have any questions for Pepsiman regarding his work, or just translation work in general, please leave a comment below!  This is your chance to get advice from a pro. It all goes down on the 27th Episode of S. Link FM.