Question Time: Fire Emblem Fates talk coming up


There’s probably no game released yet this year that’s made as many ripples in the water as Fire Emblem Fates has. It’s the center of a lot of attention for both longtime fans of the series and newcomers alike.

On this episode we will be discussing a whole slew of topics regarding this title and its various incarnations, so please send us a question in the comments section below!

Question Time: Final Fantasy XV Platinum Demo impressions

There’s a lot of buzz regarding Final Fantasy XV in light of the reveal of its release date, all the additional media, and the Platinum Demo. So we figured it was high time to voice our opinions on all the big recent announcements! Ron was at the Uncovered event in person too, so he’s going to tell us all about it.

So please leave us a question in the comments below!

Question time: Open world podcast

“Open world” is becoming synonymous with RPGs as of late. The Elder scrolls games, Dragon Age, The Witcher, and several other series have gone with the open world route. And now even games like Mass Effect Andromeda and Final Fantasy XV are heading in that direction as well.

Developers of these type of games promise “living, breathing worlds”–but does a larger world always equate to a better experience? An immense world can immerse the player for sure, but it can also be overwhelming with bloat too. On episode 60 we plan to talk all about what works(and what doesn’t work) about open world RPGs.

Question time: Mass Effect ‘cast is happening


At long last, it’s finally happening, we’re going to go ahead and record the long talked about Mass Effect podcast! We’ve touched on the series in the past on Episode 47 and Episode 55, but this is the first time we’ve actually dedicated an a episode solely towards Mass Effect.

The basic idea of, or rather how we’re going to go about this episode(s?) is we’re going to discuss several things, namely: What Mass Effect is to us and what makes it special, its strengths and weaknesses, how we got into the series, and some of our favorite moments.

We’ll of course be taking your questions as per usual, so feel free to post them in the section below and we’ll answer them! We record this on the 25th so you’ve got about two weeks to submit a question from the time of this posting.

Question time with Romscout!

Waaaay back in 2013 when S.Link FM was still in its early days, one of our first big guests was SMT and Castlevania speedrunner Romscout. We talked all about SEGA buying Atlus(which was fresh news at the time) and what our thoughts on SMT IV, Nocturne, and Strange Journey were(Episode 15). Since then, Romscout has helped foster the now famous Games Done Quick charity into a phenomenon on twitch–so it’s high time we reunite!

There is probably going to be a myriad of topics discussed on this upcoming Episode, but primarily be talking about speedrunning a beast of a game like Nocturne, the GDQ charity, what is takes to be a speedrunner, that kind of thing. So please leave plenty of questions below! This episode records on the 21st.

Question time: Final Fantasy IXs 15th anniversary

Final Fantasy IX is an important game in Square Enix’ history. It was the last of its era of PS1 FF games, but it was a celebration not of its most recent peers, but of the first six FFs. It’s a classic story in a colorful world with gameplay that manages to be engaging without being overly-intricate.

Well, FFFIX turned fifteen years old this month. The game originally released in Japan on the 7th of July in the year 2000. For the 56th episode of SLink FM, we’re saying happy birthday. We’ll discuss our favorite moments and characters from the game and discuss it’s place in the tapestry of Final Fantasy.

Please, take this week to send us your questions and share your own memories of Zidane, Garnet, and co.

Question time: Silent protagonists vs. voiced protagonists

The mechanics of an RPG may wildly vary from title to title, but they share a common ground in that the genre is generally known for telling great stories. How the stories are told however also varies just as much as the mechanics.

For the next episode, we want to talk about silent protagonists and contrast them with voiced protagonists. Which immerses us more, and which is better for telling a story. A small example would be between how Final Fantasy IX tells its story versus Mass Effect. Final Fantasy IX has an excellent script that sort of goes above and beyond to convey it’s tone to the player. We don’t know what Zidane sounds like, but he has such a clearly defined voice anyway. On the other hand, a game with acting has nuance on it’s side. You have conversations with Garrus in Mass Effect and you never really get terribly lengthy answers, but you can understand where he’s coming from really well because of tone. A character like Legion might not work without the voice work because his style of speaking is so stilted. You would see him as just a robot to start and that might never change, but of course the whole thing with Legion is he’s more than that.

So if you want to add to the conversation or ask a question, place do so in the comments below!

Question time for Final Fantasy ‘cast!


The long awaited Final Fantasy cast is going to record this Friday, and surprise it’s going to be two parts! In the first part-we’ll be discussing what it is that defines the series for us, and what out personal favorites are.

The second part will be what we think of the current state of Final Fantasy and what the future holds for the franchise. So if you have any questions at all pertaining to the franchise–please leave them below! Remember that part 1 records this Friday(April 3rd) so get them in soon!

Question time with Dale North and Atlusprime

It’s a new year and season 3 of S.Link FM is about to begin. We’re coming out guns blazing this season with the next episode. For episode 49 we’re honored to be joined by Dale North and John Hardin! Dale is a long time games industry veteran, composer, and big SMT/Persona fan. And well, if you listen to this podcast you surely already know John as the PR manager at Atlus USA.

This episode will probably be a mishmash of topics, so  ask us about whatever you feel like. We will be recording on the 24th, so you’ve got plenty of time to get questions in!

Question time: Love is in the air~

Portraying love in a meaningful way within a videogame while also giving the player agency in how a relationship plays out is something developers have struggled with for years now. Unless a game tells a linear narrative focused on love like Silent Hill 2 or Final Fantasy VIII, often games tend to trivialize it. There’s long since been a debate as to what developers and franchises “get it right” and of course Persona is in the heart of this discussion.

In the next episode, we plan to discuss the portrayal of love both in platonic & romantic ways  in Persona, and compare/contrast it with the likes of other franchises like Baldur’s Gate, Mass Effect, and whatever else may come to our minds. So if you have any questions or comments, now is the time to get them in!

(Header image by CJ)

Question time: Ultimax Spoilercast is happening this weekend

Well now that Ultimax has been out for a good while, it’s about time we do a podcast going over the events of the story mode. We’ll be going over the plot(s) of the three different campaigns and which will probably entail bonds, bonds, bonds, friendship, bonds, and bonds.

So if you have a particular question about the story mode or would just like to voice your thoughts in general, but all means post ’em in the comments section below.

Question Time with Nich Maragos from Atlus

The hype for Persona Q is so great that it’s nearly tangible at this point, and for good reason. So for Episode 44 of the podcast, we’re very fortunate to be joined by Nich Maragos from Atlus to talk all about the game.

Nich has been part of the localizing team at Atlus USA for a number of years now, with Persona Q being one of his current projects. So if you have a question regarding the localization process, what it’s like working at Atlus, and of course details about Persona Q by all means ask away in the comments section below!

Note: This Episode will be recording on ht 28th, so you have just over a week to get in a question.

Question time with cosplay extraordinaire Priscilla Kimm!

Cosplay is becoming increasingly synonymous with gaming culture as a whole, and you’ll find few fandoms as passionate about it as Persona. We’ve talked briefly about cosplay on the podcast in previous episodes, but now we’re going to dedicate an episode solely to it! Happy to announce that for Episode 43 of S.Link we’re bringing on cosplayer Priscilla Kimm!

Priscilla has been cosplaying for a number of years now(check out her work here), and has a wealth of knowledge regarding both the culture and craft behind the scene. You also may have recognized her *awesome* Rise cosplay from this past EVO. She’ll also be bringing on several of her friends that are also cosplayers too!

So if you have any questions at all regarding any aspect of cosplay, but sure to leave a comment below! We record this Episode on the 19th!

(PS: We’re going to be doing a Danganronpa 2 off topic spoilercast before this episode as well, just encase there was any confusion regarding the episode number.)

Question Time with Dacidbro, Lordknight, and Atlusprime.


For the 40th Episode of S.Link FM we’re bringing out the big guns, or at least for those of us that love fighting games. Old friend of the show Dacidbro is coming back, as well as this year’s EVO Persona 4 Arena champion Lordknight. Last but certainly not least, we somehow convinced someone from Atlus to come on the show. That’s right, John Hardin AKA Atlusprime will be on this panel as well!

This episode we plan to discuss Persona 4 Ultimax, EVO 2015, the future of anime fighting games, and of course whatever else you want to ask the panel about! So post your questions below and we’ll pick out the best of the lot.

Note: We’ll be recording this episode on August 15th, so you’ve got just over a week to get a question in.

(For the future: all question posts will be titled “Question Time” so we don’t have stupidly long titles on the site anymore)

Erin Fitzgerald is coming back on the podcast soon, get those questions in!

To date the single most popular episode of the podcast was when we interviewed Erin Fitzgerald. It’s been well over a year since that episode happened, and yet people still regularly let us know how much they enjoyed that episode, and that we should have Erin on again sometime.

Well good news, Erin’s coming back for episode 37. For the the newer listeners that may not be aware: Erin was the English voice of Chie Satonaka in Persona 4: Arena, Persona 4: The Golden, and Persona 4: The Animation. Not to mention the upcoming Ultimax and Persona Q!

So you know the drill, leave your questions below. As with every actor we have on, you can leave a question pertaining to any of their roles, doesn’t have to be Persona related!

This Saturday we talk Persona’s art with Persona(you read that right), so post those questions!

(Art by TrueSelf)

One of the things that tends draw people to the Persona series is the wonderful art direction. Often you’ll hear how the just the visuals alone from a Persona game were enough to convince somone to give the games a shot. So it’s high time we dedicated an episode to just to that aspect of the series. We’ll be covering both Soejima and Kaneko’s art, as well as several other key discussion points.

For this episode, we thought it was important that we bring in a talented artist, and low and behold it’s happening. Very happy to announce that Jonathan “Persona” Kim will be joining us on this episode! Persona(the artist) is a senior animator on the popular fighting game Skullgirls, and has worked on other titles like Scott Pilgrim the game. Not to mention a big SMT/Persona fan as well!

The recording will be happening this upcoming Saturday(the 17th) So if you have any questions or comments regarding the art of the series, or any questions for Persona(the artist) please post them below!

What is a “mature” story to you? Let us know for Episode 30!

(Art by TrueSelf)

For a good while now we’ve discussed, debated, and even poked fun at what some fans constitute a “mature” story as. Obviously our fake Persona 5 trailer being a culmination of the latter. Since then though, some people have felt we were being a little too dismissive of those who might want a “darker” game in the franchise.

So this got me thinking: What really *is* a mature story to you?

It’s an interesting thing to consider as tone, setting, theme, characterization and many other factors play into what any story is ultimately about. So it’s high time we tackle this topic head on and address some things.

So share with us your thoughts on the matter, and I’ll see to it that your comments are read on the next episode. Though just give us more general opinions/thoughts–not point by point details on your wishes for a Persona 5 plot.

The recording will be this Friday, so get those comments in well ahead of time!


For this

Translation talk is happening this Saturday with Pepsiman!

sample_458e783ec4f9dfdc2a62dd59491ea36f60b503e4By now, you’ve probably seen the lengthy interview with Katsura Hashino from last December’s Persona Magazine. Most western fan where not privy as to what the contents of the interview entailed, well, that is until freelance English-Japanese translator and Persona fan Pepsiman was kind enough to do a full translation of the interview.

Pepsiman has been doing various translation work for some time now, and he’s been especially awesome to the Persona community as of late. So we thought it’s be cool to have him on the podcast, and low and behold–it’s happening!

So if you have any questions for Pepsiman regarding his work, or just translation work in general, please leave a comment below!  This is your chance to get advice from a pro. It all goes down on the 27th Episode of S. Link FM.

Interview with Amanda Winn Lee on the 14th, send in your questions!


It’s been a good while since we’ve had a big name guest on the podcast, hasn’t it? Well, that’s about to come to an end, as Amanda Winn Lee will be joining us next Episode! Amanda has been working as a writer, ADR director, and voice actress for many years now–Oh, and Persona fans probably know her as the voice talent behind Persona 4’s Yukiko Amagi.

Amanda has voiced several other characters within Megaten, such as Argilla in the Digital Devil Saga series, Yoshino Harusawa in Devil Survivor Overclocked, and even Ulala in the original release of Persona 2: Eternal Punishment.

Oh, and of course, she’s also well known for her work on the original Neon Genesis Evangelion series! So if you have any questions regarding her other roles, feel free to ask away! As with every other guest, questions are just limited to just Persona.

It all goes down next Friday.

We’re back this Friday, and it’s all about the music of Persona/SMT–Send us you Questions!


After a month long hiatus since our Holiday Special, we’re finally kicking off the second season of the podcast. Didn’t mean to keep you all in the dark for that long, but December was a busy month and a break needed to be had!

One of the most distinguishing aspects of the Persona series has been the music from composer Shoji Megero. Often when someone mentions their first experiences with the games, they mention how puzzling but strangely endearing the music is. So it’s long overdue that we dedicated a episode to the music of Persona and SMT. We’ll be covering things from composition, to the strange lyrics, and of course the Persona Music Live concerts.

This week’s panel will include a number of folks with formal training in musical composition. Specifically the podcast’s composer Doug Farrell, who is the talent behind the SMT piano collections you hear on nearly every episode!

In addition to just posting questions here, please share your stories on how you first reacted to the music in Persona. Would love to hear them, and we’ll even read all them out on this episode!