S.Link FM Signing Off

Well friends, it has been quite a while since the last update, hasn’t it? There’s a good reason for that, and it is that I’ve decided to finally end the podcast.

After 3+ years and 74 episodes, the time has finally come to say our farewells. While this announcement may be a bit sudden, I’m sure all of you saw this coming. It has been several months since the last episode without much of a word, and for that, I apologize. I went back and forth in my head for a long time whether or not I wanted to continue making the podcast, and my heart just isn’t into the production aspect anymore.

Which brings us to this post, some of you might be wondering ‘why don’t you do a final episode?’ and the reason is (again) if my head and my heart aren’t into it anymore; I can’t force myself to do it. That’s it really.

With that out of the way, I’d like to thank a few people that helped make S.Link FM what is it today. We’ve had so many amazing guests over the years, from John Hardin to Karen Strassman, to Dacidbro and LordKnight; it’s been a trip and I thank everyone that came on and gave us the time of day.

Now I’d like to personally thank each and every co-host I’ve had on here. Cheska, Serah, Ron, Andrea, and Armada. It was always a total pleasure recording and talking about games with these folks, and they’re the big reason I kept coming back year after year. They’re all incredible people and some of my closest friends. Love all of you.

Finally, I’d like to thank the listeners. Without your feedback and support, this podcast wouldn’t have lasted a month, let alone nearly 4 years. It still blows my mind that so many people enjoyed the podcast and stuck with it. S.Link FM was never giant or anything, but we had an audience; something I started had an audience. Never did I think a creative endeavor of mine would have fans, but lo and behold here we are. I can’t thank you all enough for tuning in, sending questions, and listening to the show over the years.

I’m never good at goodbyes, and I’ve never had to write something like this before either. So instead of rambling on, I’ll end it with how it started: See you all in the Velvet Room.

-Kyle “Levito” C.

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