Episode 65: Genealogy of the Waifu War

If you’ve every wanted to hear the intricacies of warfare coupled with the romance game then look no further than this episode. This time we jumped head first into the world of Fire Emblem Fates, and the series at large.

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Thanks to Serah for the title card.
Thanks to Scrafty for the Episode title idea.

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3 thoughts on “Episode 65: Genealogy of the Waifu War

  1. Great episode and thanks for answering my questions!

    Quick tips for you guys:
    The weapon triangle is super simple in Fates, it’s color-coded. Blue > Red > Green > Blue. When equipped, each weapon icon will have a background corresponding to it’s color and the bottom edge showing what it has an advantage over.

    Also, in Fates support pairs have different growth rates. Generally units that are related either by family, lords and their retainers, and retainers that serve the same lord will have a faster support growth rate. That’s why a Hayato/Sakura pairing would take longer than normal.

  2. Hi, there! I am a new listener here, and I just wanted to say that I’m really enjoying your podcasts. The range of topics you guys talk about keeps things fresh, and it’s genuinely delightful to listen to the passion that goes through some of the discussions. This episode was no exception.

    On the subject of Fire Emblem, my entry into the series was through Awakening. The children mechanic was what sold the game for me, and the Future Past DLC, which dealt with the children trying to defeat Grima in a world where their parents died protecting them, cemented me as a fan. The art style is unique and recognisable nowadays.

    I think Awakening was, in a way, a fresh start for the Fire Emblem franchise. It places much more emphasis on fanservice and familial relationships (I assume) than before. A few people have been bothered by these additions, but I think these are themes we should now be expecting of a Fire Emblem game going forward. Even the latest story DLC for Fates is a repeat of Future Past, and it’s not wrong for them to capitalise on that, in my opinion. That stuff makes me cry, even if some of the older fans are indifferent to it.

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