Question Time: Final Fantasy XV Platinum Demo impressions

There’s a lot of buzz regarding Final Fantasy XV in light of the reveal of its release date, all the additional media, and the Platinum Demo. So we figured it was high time to voice our opinions on all the big recent announcements! Ron was at the Uncovered event in person too, so he’s going to tell us all about it.

So please leave us a question in the comments below!

4 thoughts on “Question Time: Final Fantasy XV Platinum Demo impressions

  1. Super excited to finally see how big FFXV has become over the years! I’ve got some questions for you guys over at S.Link FM:

    1) Considering the traditionally turn-based roots of the Final Fantasy combat systems, would you consider the dive into real-time combat a success so far? If so, what about the new combat system makes you excited? If not, what about the old systems (both turn-based and real-time) makes you think otherwise?

    2) Character development will play a big part in FFXV’s main story arc, by the looks of it. What are your thoughts on Noctis and motley crew? Do you think that Noctis makes for a good protagonist, design-wise? How do you think Luna will intervene throughout the story?

    3) A little bit less directly related to FFXV as a game, but since S.Link is originally a Persona podcast… Do you think that FFXV’s recent release date announcement will affect Persona 5’s unknown release date? Will Persona 5 become FFXV’s ultimate JRPG rival, or are they both in completely different leagues?

    Thank you for taking the time to read these questions, assuming anyone read them at all!

  2. At the end of the demo, you get to give Carbuncle a name of your choice. My three year old daughter loved watching the demo and of me chasing “kitty”, so I gave her the pleasure of naming the summon. She named it “Ariel” because toddler logic….so that’s a thing.

    My question is simple: What did you name Carbuncle?

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