Episode 58: Throw it out the Airlock

This week it’s all about Turian tail, Batarian ale, and Reaper scale.  Yes this week we’re talking all about Bioware’s space opera that is Mass Effect. We went over what about the series resonates strongest for us, along with what moments in particular defined ‘Mass Effect’ during our time with the trilogy. We even had some time to do predictions for Mass Effect: Andromeda, and of course take some user questions.

We’ll also be doing a second Mass Effect podcast in the coming weeks. So if you asked a question and it didn’t get answered, we’ll get to it in the next episode!

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2 thoughts on “Episode 58: Throw it out the Airlock

  1. Small book incoming, roughly sorted chronologically to order of topics discussed.

    I didn’t like the whole “Earth is threatened” stuff as it does the whole ‘humans are special’ that Mass Effect had mostly been avoiding up until this point. It feels like a cheap ploy to try and engender a reaction from the audience because ‘they live there’, and the plot has to bend around it and it doesn’t fit at all.

    I actually really disagree with making all the romance options available to both genders. As Dragon Age II did this (excepting the DLC one) and the result was that was really weird as everyone was more Hawke-sexual than anything.
    It’s certainly something you could possibly do *well*, but I don’t think it’s the best way. A nice range is the way to go, a bit like how Mass Effect 3 played it.

    Bioware’s use of player surveys does shake my faith in them a bit though, as it speaks to me that they don’t have confidence in their own vision. Especially since The Witcher 3 has sort of walked over Dragon Age Inquisition in a lot of ways, pulling off its distinct style with aplomb. So I don’t have the highest hopes for the next Mass Effect.

    Incidentally, not doing The Arrival means that the opening of Mass Effect 3 doesn’t directly reference it so much to confuse you, although it’s mentioned somewhere the relay was still destroyed by a task force (the detaining is directly for working with Cerberus instead). 3 is actually really smart about not directly referencing things you didn’t do on an imported save or just on a fresh character. The intro in particular rewrites a lot of its dialogue if you don’t import a save.
    I personally really didn’t like Arrival because for a super-secret base, which is quite big, and they somehow have dozens and dozens of guys? It has a load of logical holes like that.

    Ashley turns a lot of people off with her humanist attitude, although it’s a well-grounded one that gets explored. It’s that she doesn’t initially trust other races so much as she’s from a family humiliated in the First Contact War with the turians, and is still struggling against that stigma. She’s not overly hostile to them, just justifiably thinks humanity gets pushed around by the racial politics and get no respect. She’s got more nuance in her character compared to Kaidan as a result.

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