Question time: Mass Effect ‘cast is happening


At long last, it’s finally happening, we’re going to go ahead and record the long talked about Mass Effect podcast! We’ve touched on the series in the past on Episode 47 and Episode 55, but this is the first time we’ve actually dedicated an a episode solely towards Mass Effect.

The basic idea of, or rather how we’re going to go about this episode(s?) is we’re going to discuss several things, namely: What Mass Effect is to us and what makes it special, its strengths and weaknesses, how we got into the series, and some of our favorite moments.

We’ll of course be taking your questions as per usual, so feel free to post them in the section below and we’ll answer them! We record this on the 25th so you’ve got about two weeks to submit a question from the time of this posting.

9 thoughts on “Question time: Mass Effect ‘cast is happening

  1. BioWare has been accused in the past of having too much black vs white morality in their choices compared to similar developers such as Obsidian who try to put moral choices in a more gray area. You can really see this in games like KOTOR or TOR.

    Do you think this carries over to the Mass Effect series is it better about not having a “right” or “good” option?

  2. Mass Effect has been a favorite series of mine because of the recurring characters, factions, and locations. The setting of it is a main reason of why it is such a great game series to me. I’m worried about Andromeda being too forced and not doing the original series any justice. Are you worried about a whole new setting, characters, factions, and main protaganist?

    I’m worried that it won’t feel like a Mass Effect and they are just using the Mass Effect title as a selling point for a whole different kind of game. What are your thoughts? Thanks -TheSacdaddy

  3. My opinion of Mass Effect 3 is complicated, but I think the lead-up to ME3’s final mission is my favorite part of the trilogy. Talking to all of your old friends and allies delivered some excellent dialogue, and it trounces so many other RPGs in the “two steps from the final battle” department. (Though I wish the great cast introduced in ME2 wasn’t relegated to holographic appearances.) Any thoughts on those last conversations?

    Also, I always liked Garrus, but never realized how much of a brother and comrade he was to Shepherd, and me by extension, until we exchanged those last words before I gladly took him into the last mission. Which characters, if any, did you learn to truly appreciate over the course of the trilogy?

  4. My spouse and I really loved Dragon Age. From the world setting, to the overarching story, and most of the characters that we traveled with in our parties. Because of this, I always wanted to get into the Mass Effect Trilogy.

    My spouse is apprehensive about doing so. She prefers a fantasy setting over science fiction. What can be said to convince her to give the Trilogy a shot?

  5. Discuss what you thought of the Illusive Man’s characterization through ME2 and ME3. Did they make the right steps regarding his character?

  6. *ME3 spoiler warning*

    How does the reveal regarding the nature of the Catalyst make any sense considering what Saren and Harbinger were trying to do in ME1? Could they not have knocked on the door, so to speak, instead of forcing their way in, given what we found out in ME3? Any ideas how to bridge this disconnect?

  7. Some characters are naturally likeable, some grow on you, and others fall flat. What characters had the biggest turnaround for you — whether from better to worse, worse to better, or one you hoped to connect with but never really did?

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