Question time: Final Fantasy IXs 15th anniversary

Final Fantasy IX is an important game in Square Enix’ history. It was the last of its era of PS1 FF games, but it was a celebration not of its most recent peers, but of the first six FFs. It’s a classic story in a colorful world with gameplay that manages to be engaging without being overly-intricate.

Well, FFFIX turned fifteen years old this month. The game originally released in Japan on the 7th of July in the year 2000. For the 56th episode of SLink FM, we’re saying happy birthday. We’ll discuss our favorite moments and characters from the game and discuss it’s place in the tapestry of Final Fantasy.

Please, take this week to send us your questions and share your own memories of Zidane, Garnet, and co.

13 thoughts on “Question time: Final Fantasy IXs 15th anniversary

  1. When best or worst Final Fantasy games are discussed IX is usually absent from the conversation. People love to debate VI, VII, or X as the best and say XIII, XII, or V as the worst. Why is IX so overlooked no matter what the debate is?

  2. Without getting too spoiler-y, any thoughts on the final boss sequence? I know 9 gets a lot of crap for having a final boss that comes out of nowhere, but I always viewed it as a cute nod to earlier FF games that also had final bosses that came from nowhere (particularly 1, 3, and 4) and thought it was a fitting way to end a game already full of callbacks to what came before.

    -Rasen Bran

  3. Hello!

    How do you feel about FFIX’s main protagonist? He’s such a huge contrast from 7 and 8 protagonist. Personally, I feel that even though he’s seemingly shallow, there’s a lot of depth to him. I really dig his attitude towards life in general, and his relationship with his fellow party members (ESPECIALLY VIVI) is particularly good. The “you’re not alone” segment remains as one of my favorite video game experiences, period.

    So in other words… best FF protag? Best FF protag.

  4. Even though FF8 was advertised as a love story, I felt that FF9 had a more realistic romantic connection form between the leads. It may not have meant to be a focus, but Zidane and Garnet’s relationship became a big part of the game, and was one that left the largest impression on me.

    How does everyone feel about this romance, and how does it compare to those in other games, especially to FF8 and FF10, the other pieces of the “Love Trilogy”?

    • Also would like to leave an Honorable Mention to how cute Steiner/Beatrix are.

  5. In every Final Fantasy aside from IX, I hate at least one member of the cast. In VII there isn’t a point where Barrett isn’t annoying and in X Tidus ruins several scenes with his whiny “my story” attitude. IX to me doesn’t have any annoying characters and has the best overall cast in my opinion. Do you agree that it has the best overall cast and if so why do you think that is?

    ps you guys are my favorite podcast and I hope you never stop

  6. Loving the new podcast format guys!

    With most of the later games opting for realistic looking characters (disregarding fashion here) and worlds that sacrifice some artistic charm (not wholely) for a design that makes more functional sense for the story the devs are telling (XV especially), we seem to have moved away from the classical ‘fantasy’ design IX celebrates so well (ridiculously stunning world to deformed character design). My question is do you particularly like the design changes FF underwent as it aged, and do you think they were necessary?

  7. I dont have a final fantasy question but when is mass effect podcast? I really want to hear it slink FM is best podcast you guys are amazing

  8. FFIX is actually the first JRPG I ever completed so it has a very special place in my heart. 2 Questions

    1. Who all kept the name Dagger?
    2. FFVII remake is great and all. But I rather have IX redone what about you guys?

    Thanks for taking the time to answer the questions and making this episode.

  9. A second question if possible: IX’s opening act is probably my favourite of the series: from plot heavy allusions in Garnet’s dream, to the IMO fun as hell theatre production, Steiner’s search for his men and Vivi’s exploring Alexandria. All builds to a frantic but pretty funny set of battles. What it does behind the scenes is allocate time most games would use to tutorialise a player, and instead help establish some ‘RPG ground rules’: rewarding players who indulge in exploration of the scenery with hidden items, access to rare items in battle through stealing, and even adding touches of flavour in the plenty of scenery descriptions (Hell, even a touch of plot relevant yet missable info can be found in the Key Items department once you get Vivi).

    Before I start rambling further, sorry, my question: What is you favourite opening act of FF and any reason why?

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