Episode 53: Final Fantasy – Fabulous Novus Crystals Part 2

The long wait for the second part of our Final Fantasy centric ‘cast is finally over! In this Episode we discuss the current state of Final Fantasy, as well as the future. Lots of talk on Type-0, A Realm Reborn, and the XV demo.

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Thanks to Jintor for the show outtro.
Thanks to Serah for the title card.

Piano tracks from the Podcast provided by composer Doug Farrell, check out his work here:

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4 thoughts on “Episode 53: Final Fantasy – Fabulous Novus Crystals Part 2

  1. 2015 and people still hating on FFXIII >_>
    I loved the game and had so much fun with it, game was well reviewed and made a lot of money not to mention A LOT of fans love it. Only a vocal minority of angry internet FF fans made it seem like the whole fanbase hates the game and it then just became a sort of trend to hate on FFXIII.

    I loved the entire FF13 trilogy, 13-2 was awesome, Lightning is amazing and Fang and Snow are great characters.

    Even at its worst FFXIII is still a 8/10 game.

    +great music
    +great voice acting
    +great graphics
    +good FF story and world lore
    +fun fast paced strategy combat battle system
    +entertaining unique environments
    +exciting new enemies and bosses

    Hate on FF13 all you want but its still a GOOD Game and its nowhere near a bad JRPG like Last Rebellion or something that deserves a 4/10 score.

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