Question time for Final Fantasy ‘cast!


The long awaited Final Fantasy cast is going to record this Friday, and surprise it’s going to be two parts! In the first part-we’ll be discussing what it is that defines the series for us, and what out personal favorites are.

The second part will be what we think of the current state of Final Fantasy and what the future holds for the franchise. So if you have any questions at all pertaining to the franchise–please leave them below! Remember that part 1 records this Friday(April 3rd) so get them in soon!

10 thoughts on “Question time for Final Fantasy ‘cast!

  1. One of the greatest discrepancies between Persona and Final Fantasy is that the former is far more intimate in terms of setting, typically taking place in one area that is divided into several smaller ones, while the latter invites the player to explore entire worlds. In what ways does the Final Fantasy series take advantage of its disparate locales and expansive world maps? And would you say that places like Final Fantasy X’s enormous Spira are as cohesive as Persona 4’s cosy Inaba, for example?

  2. We were recently graced by a playable demo of Final Fantasy XV in the form of Episode Duscae. For thoseof you who have played it, what are your opinions on the combat system? How about the cast of characters? And, most of all, what are your hopes for the full release of FFXV?

  3. How have your favorite FF games and your feelings about them changed over the years? When I was a kid plowing through FF8 with my friends I thought it was the most incredible game ever made. The scope of the game was so humongous to me. Now, though, I probably wouldn’t even put it in my top 5 FF games. 9 is one game I didn’t like all the much when I was a kid but now am completely in love with. Maybe it seemed too “childish” to me (as 9 year old trying to act mature) then, but now I think it has the most enjoyable characters and a great story.

  4. The FFXIII trilogy gets a really bad rap. I know I am in the minority of actually liking the games, though they are far from my favorite. In focusing on the first game, why does it have such a bad reputation? The story is strongly focused on the cast and character growth, with the biggest example of growth being Hope. He starts out as a boy who blames Snow on his troubles, but with his travels with Lightning (OTP), he grows, accepts his own role, and even obtains Alexander in a extremely awesome scene. I use this example, because the podcast speaks highly of character development of the Persona series, and how the battle system and overarching plot usually takes a backseat to the characters. I feel FFXIII is similar. The main complaint has always been the “corridor linearity” of XIII, while a game like FFX also has a similar problem, but is critically acclaimed as being one of the better entries. Sure, you can go back in FFX to grind or farm, but FFXIII has farming on Gran Pulse. The difficulty for the main game was never high enough to warrant someone to stick around and grind excessively, so I was indifferent to the linearity and actually found it refreshing compared to getting overwhelmed in FFXII’s expansive world. Why do you think XIII did not click with the majority of the fanbase and once more, why does it have such a bad reputation?

  5. This is going to be a big list of questions so feel free to pick and choose what you like.

    How do you feel about the fact that the more modern ff games have steered away from the knights and dragons aesthetic of the early games and into a more modern day aesthetic?

    What in your opinion is the most underrated ff game and why? Mine is ff8, I feel that game gets a lot of undeserved criticism.

    What are your favourite minigames of the franchise? Mine are triple triad and blitzball.

    Do you have any love for the spinoffs of the franchise? Whether it’s something like the chocobo racing game on ps1 or the more recent Bravely Default.

    What do you think about the fact that ffx invented its own language for the game? Granted it only consisted of letter swaps, but still the VAs still had to actually speak al bhed in cutscenes. I found it incredibly impressive and allowed me to immerse better into the world.

    What is your favourite WEAPON design? Mine is Ultima from ff8 since he’s holding Clouds Ultima WEAPON from ff7. Looks cool and a nice throwback.

    With the recent success of ffx hd, do you think an ff12 hd remaster could be in the works?

    Do you own any ff merchandise that is not just the games? I own a few pieces but my favourite is my Rufus Shines FF7A.C. figure.

    Finally, is there any particular moment in any of the games that you wish that you could personally rewrite? If so, how would you change it?

    I could ask a tonne more, but I’ll leave it here for now. Look forward to seeing your thoughts on this.

  6. Due to an illness, I was destined to stay home and be withdrawn from my peers from an early age. Meaning the characters’ relationships represented real world bonds for me. I doubt that I am alone in this respect. So, what do you guys think about the correlations between the real world bonds and the fictional portral of relations (in regards to final fantasy)? I think the games conveyed a largely realistic experience. Thanks for podcasting.

  7. Hey guys! I have some doubts regarding FF XV, I mean back in the original E3 2006 reveal trailer, Versus XIII looked like the second coming of jesus!A game where you play the role of a “Dark and Gritty” version of final form Sora,deflecting bullets and controlling a dozen flying swords and teleporting , it looked amazing.And then in a couple of gameplay videos later on , the combat looked similar to kingdom hearts, which is fine to me. But then years later , I was recently watching a couple of Episode Duscae videos and the combat seemed a little off to me.
    It seemed overly chaotic , it looked like it was difficult to control and awkward and it looked like they didn’t commit to it being a full flegded thing. If anyone of you have played it , what did you think of the combat mechanics and overall battle gameplay?Did you like it?What would you change in the full game?Should i just spend all the time that i would in FF XV replaying persona 5 multiple times? 😀
    Thanks for all the awesome shows and keep up the good work.

  8. Why is Final Fantasy VIII so much better than every other FF game?

    Real question: what’s the thing that keeps you coming back to FF? It feels like the combat hasn’t really been substantially improved upon since FFX, and FFXIV felt pretty generic to me as an MMO.

    Disclosure: I haven’t played (due to interest waning FAST) more than 5 hours of anything past XI.

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