Episode (5)0

It’s really hard to believe, but after almost two years we’ve made it to Episode 50! Much to our good fortune, Persona 5 also received an incredible new trailer too. This episode is fulll of analysis, speculation, and predictions regarding Persona 5.

5 hosts, 5th game, 50th episode. Not much else to say, get hype.

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Thanks to Jintor for the show outtro.
Thanks to Serah for the title card.

Piano tracks from the Podcast provided by composer Doug Farrell, check out his work here:

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7 thoughts on “Episode (5)0

  1. This show is always great but cheska and maajora make it even better. Means so much to me that there is more girls on thank you.

  2. “one of you speaks too fast, not sure who it is but it’s hard to understand at times”

    I echo that sentiment. Often, someone will talk over themselves, and kind of just try to blurt out something. There is nothing wrong with eloquence! Your audience will listen!

    Also, I think trying to bring out new episodes on the crest of a wave, is perhaps hampering the overall quality of the podcast. I understand the logic, trying to remain ‘current’, but I don’t think anyone really uses you as their outlet for news. Take your time – I’d much rather that, than people sounded uninformed and grasping for something to say; which is something I feel is often the case.

    • Talking over eachother is a problem sometimes, but that’s what happens when you record in Skype. Everyone’s got a live mic, and you obviously can’t read body language like you would in person–it happens.

      We almost *never* do ‘bring out episodes on the crest of a wave’–it happens very rarely. As for uninformed–it’s a speculation episode, we’re having fun. Maybe providing an example of said uninformed information would help rather than being sassy about it.

      Thanks for listening!

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