Episode 49: A Motivational Dance with Dale North and Atlusprime

Want to hear tips on how to get into the games industry? Or how about to win internet dancing contests? If neither of those float your boat, then surely you’re interested in hearing all about how awesome Shoji Meguro is, right?

Well regardless, all of this in more is in Episode 49 of S. Link FM.

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Question time with Dale North and Atlusprime

It’s a new year and season 3 of S.Link FM is about to begin. We’re coming out guns blazing this season with the next episode. For episode 49 we’re honored to be joined by Dale North and John Hardin! Dale is a long time games industry veteran, composer, and big SMT/Persona fan. And well, if you listen to this podcast you surely already know John as the PR manager at Atlus USA.

This episode will probably be a mishmash of topics, so  ask us about whatever you feel like. We will be recording on the 24th, so you’ve got plenty of time to get questions in!