Question time: Ultimax Spoilercast is happening this weekend

Well now that Ultimax has been out for a good while, it’s about time we do a podcast going over the events of the story mode. We’ll be going over the plot(s) of the three different campaigns and which will probably entail bonds, bonds, bonds, friendship, bonds, and bonds.

So if you have a particular question about the story mode or would just like to voice your thoughts in general, but all means post ’em in the comments section below.

17 thoughts on “Question time: Ultimax Spoilercast is happening this weekend

  1. Would you be interested in the Arena storyline being continued post P5 or would you want it to end here? I’m talking only of the storyline (Sho and Labrys stories), not the fighting game series as a whole.

  2. Levit0-senpai

    if the only way for me to make bonds with people was by fighting them to the death while making raisin puns would you fight me at pax to strengthen our bond

    -Love Rasen

  3. Do you think Akihiko joining the police force at the end could be Atlus trying to push Trinity Soul canon?

  4. How did you feel about the fact that they did not bring back the P3 Protagonist Makoto Yuki and that they barely mention him only once in the game. Do you think they will do something with him in P5 or just decide to end his story in general. Also there is the issue of since he was not referered to any name in a official persona game people are still gonna debate on which name is his cannon name Minato Arisato or Makoto Yuki to which i prefer to call him Makoto Yuki since i like that name more and usually names in the anime adaptations are usually the official cannon name.

  5. Also did you know that Igor’s new voice actor for ultimax that apparently lots of people were upset about was Vic Mignogna who is the voice actor for Junpei.

    • Actually it was JB Blanc who did that little snippet of Igor, He also voiced Ikutsuki in place of Dan Worren

      • Its says its Vic Mignogna on the SMT wiki and thats what i get when i google Igor Ultimax Voice Actor on Google. Not saying your wrong because i could be wrong also.

  6. Did you like or hate Sho’s puns? I think the answer is obvious, but I wanted to ask anyway.
    And did you guys got the chills in some of the story mode twists and surprises. Especially in P3 Story where Aigis goes Extreme Orgia Mode?

  7. How do you feel about Adachi’s role in the story? I was extremely skeptical when he was announced but I thought they handled him pretty well.

    Similarly, how did you feel about Rise’s Persona suddenly getting a battle mode just cos Elizabeth insulted her a little bit? I accepted that handwave only because I play Rise so I have directly benefited from it.

    Why is Sho so terrible?

    Non-story question: Who’re your mains/subs?

  8. Like other people here, I would like to know your opinions on the possibility of an Arena 3. Personally I don’t know if they’re going to go that route but I feel there is too much set up for the storyline to NOT continue in some way/shape/or form. (May be another spin off RPG but following Sho or Labrys or, hell, Elizabeth’s storylines.)

    Question 2) Do you think Utlimax will get ported to the Vita? I noticed the Vita logo at the bottom of the Japanese Utlimax site. And if so, would you buy it?

  9. What is your thought on the last boss Hi no Kagutsuchi?

    Here is what I have on my mind.
    At first, after I finished P4 and Adachi episodes, I expected that there will be more of what it is that underlies his motive in Ep. P3…
    It’s kinda feel off that he is not a god, like Izanami, but actually a collective will of humanity (like Erebus?) which desire to be alone so he going to create a world that have only him left in the world… (How does that grant the wish of the people who wanted to be alone in anyway!? unlike Erebus that tried to bring Nyx to those wish for death.)

    I was expecting him to somehow relates to Izanami because according to the legend, Izanami died because she gave birth to Hi no Kagutsuchi, the fire god. But there isn’t, so I’m kinda disappointed on that point… I’m not really satisfy about Hi no Kagutsuchi and Sho… I think it’s a bit too shallow.

    But anyways, despite all that I absolutely enjoy the game story mode! Personally I prefer Ep.P4 over P3 and Episode Adachi is the best of all. As Adachi fan, I’m so grateful to see that he able to continue living for his own reason, able to move forward. Contrasting to the previous game which he rejected everything, this time in P4AU he accepted it all, his sins, his responsibility to atone to what he has done and finally open his heart to bonds (with Yu and Dojima). His thinking process is also surprisingly calm and sophisticated. Adachi is so badass!
    Johnny Yong Bosch did a brilliant job there too, voicing both Yu and Adachi.

  10. I felt like one of the areas that Ultimax’s story mode suffered was where it tried to be a sequel to P3 and 4. P4 especially is incredibly self contained and any connections to it felt forced.

    Do you think that there is anything else Atlus can do with regards to the P3 and 4 storylines? And do you think that Dancing All Night and Q (assuming you haven’t spoiled it) will suffer from trying too hard to be a sequel?

  11. What did you think about the new voice actors?

    In all honesty, I wasn’t too happy when I heard Margaret’s new voice. Albeit, it is her first acting job, so I can’t blame her too much. Igor, from what I heard, is voiced by Vic Mignogna, and did an okay job from the one line I’ve heard him speak. Kanji, and Naoto’s voices sounded AMAZING, Mr. Mercer did a bang-up job replacing Troy Baker, and Valerie Arem was awesome as well.

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