Episode 44: Persona (Q)uestions with Nich Maragos

For Episode 44 we had the great pleasure of being joined by Nich Maragos, one of the key members of the localization staff over at Atlus USA. We talked all about the upcoming Persona Q, Nich’s encounters meeting several of the big names from Atlus Japan, and even the discussion of honorifics came up.

Apologies for the tardiness behind getting this episode out, but rest assured it was worth the wait!

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Thanks to Jintor for the show outtro.
Thanks to TrueSelf for the title card.

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4 thoughts on “Episode 44: Persona (Q)uestions with Nich Maragos

  1. This was very informative. It was awesome hearing my question answered by Nich, and it was super cool to learn more about localization in general (as well as the specific localization for Persona Q).

  2. Great interview. I wouldn’t have guessed THE reason for honorifics was flavor, not meaning, and I think I’m gonna replay Radiant Historia soon. I hope Stephanie does future episodes too, she’s good at deepening the conversation.

    But weaksauce is totally internet. At the very least, it’s slang for people who are on the nerdy parts of the internet a lot. Normal teen slang is like ratchet or gay (not that I want Persona cast using gay that way). No mistake though, I love P4’s localization: I can’t think of any jrpg that made me smile half as much. The phrasing was always homey. Stuff like “This smells like a case…” or “They’re so cute, they’ll give you diabetes–the instantly fatal kind!” I like a lot–familiar expressions used playfully.

  3. Another fantastic episode, and I hope that both Nich and Stephanie come back for further episodes.

    Speaking of which, you’ve also done a really admirable job of not only getting more female voices, but of getting ones that really improve the overall discussion and that offer really nice insights. Just a really bang-up job all around, really, from everyone involved.

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