Question Time with Dacidbro, Lordknight, and Atlusprime.


For the 40th Episode of S.Link FM we’re bringing out the big guns, or at least for those of us that love fighting games. Old friend of the show Dacidbro is coming back, as well as this year’s EVO Persona 4 Arena champion Lordknight. Last but certainly not least, we somehow convinced someone from Atlus to come on the show. That’s right, John Hardin AKA Atlusprime will be on this panel as well!

This episode we plan to discuss Persona 4 Ultimax, EVO 2015, the future of anime fighting games, and of course whatever else you want to ask the panel about! So post your questions below and we’ll pick out the best of the lot.

Note: We’ll be recording this episode on August 15th, so you’ve got just over a week to get a question in.

(For the future: all question posts will be titled “Question Time” so we don’t have stupidly long titles on the site anymore)

50 thoughts on “Question Time with Dacidbro, Lordknight, and Atlusprime.

  1. Could you describe what your experiences at Evo was this year? I’ll I saw was a lot of Twitter posts about Heart attack grill and waifus.

  2. Will we get an Official Design works for Ultimax?

    Also any plans to try and get Atlus JP to put the soundtracks on iTunes and Amazon?

  3. For John Hardin, is there any chance of SMT II and/or SMT IF getting English translations for iOS? I loved played SMT I on my iPhone and would to experience more of the SMT franchise.

  4. I don’t really have a question, but I do want to say congrats to LordKnight for winning this years Persona 4 Arena EVO. Good luck next year as well.

  5. For Dacid/LK – other than your staple characters (Akihiko/Mitsuru), which characters do you want to test out to see if they’ll work for you? Which characters seem the scariest to you? i.e. Shadow Chie’s 2A to 7k.

  6. I’m sure you’re going to mention this already, but I’ll ask anyway- how are you guys (LK and Dacid) enjoying UNieL so far, and what do you think the future holds for the game in competition?

    Do you think Xrd will definitely be the biggest anime game? In arcades it was still hard for newcomers to get on board even though ArcSys tried to make it appeal to them afaik. Also, what do you think of YRC? 😛

  7. To Dacidbro and LordKnight: Any thoughts on how well Under Night In-Birth will do alongside Chrono Phantasma, Ultimax and Xrd competitively? Will the American scene split and pocket itself, will it spread itself “thin” or will it grow, maybe? Any recent signs of growth?

    Was cool saying hi to Levit0 and Armada at EVO, but calling out to Dacid-senpai turned out to be a bigger challenge than anticipated. I… don’t think I ever saw LK anywhere tho.


  8. @Lord Knight: While it’s nice that Mitsuru’s Mabufudyne combo is easier in the new game, do you feel there will still be times where a Microdash Myriad Arrows is required? Also Dacid, tell Shaka it’s his destiny to main Shadow Akihiko(In a dramatic voice), thanks!

  9. Think it’ll be possible to have BBCP2.0/P4U2/Xrd (and maybe even UNiEL) on the main stage at EVO next year?

  10. For John Hardin – Approximately how long is the story mode? I can’t remember if I saw them during the Evo stream, but will we be getting the Famitsu color palettes in the American release? Are there any more pre-order bonuses planned as of 8/9?

    For Dacid/LK – What practical uses do you see for the S Hold mechanic at high levels of play? Do you think P4AU will see a lot of tournament play or will it be overshadowed by BB/Xrd by the end of the year?

  11. This is a pretty basic question, but I’d like to know what LK and Dacidbro specifically like about the Arena series, and conversely what they dislike about it. You know, just generally how it compares to other fighters that they enjoy and play.

  12. A question for John Hardin, is Theo going to be also a playable DLC character? Also is he a canon character now?

  13. Sorry about the previous comment, I messed up.
    @JohnHardin: I know you may not be able to answer this, but will the JP version of Persona 4 Arena be region locked as well? I’m aware there’s only a month inbetween releases, but I’m an impatient person and want a physical copy ASAP.

    @LordKnight: I feel like the east coast scene has a lot of segregation even when it comes to within the “airdasher” community, is this true or just the image one gets from Twitter? It seems that Persona is sort of looked down on when compared to BB/GG/Melty. Do you find this is the case?

    @Dacidbro: When are you returning to fighting games? I remember you said you were taking a break for a year, but wasn’t that a year and a half ago?

  14. Is Hardin going to win P4U2 NEC2014???

    (…real question) Will Atlus be supporting P4U2 tournaments like they did when P4A first came out? If so, will support be branched out beyond just the west coast? IIRC, CEO2014 was the only (non-west coast) P4A tournament that had support from Atlus (support doesn’t necessarily mean cash prizes/goodies I guess?)

    (Will Dacid actually buy the game this time?!?!)

  15. First who is atlus prime waifu and favourite character also as persona fan which game are you most excitied for and what do you expect from p5 and from persona and smt series in the upcoming years.

    P.s also what’s your favorite games from both
    Smt and persona

  16. For John Hardin: Was it difficult to get back the english voice actors again? What was it like recasting some characters like Margaret, Naoto and Kanji?

    David/LK: Is Shadow Chie really as powerful as she looked with those huge super combo’s?

  17. Lordknight,
    I don’t know what other fighting games you play (if any), but I started off my fighting game career with Marvel vs. Capcom 3. If I were to try to hop into the Anime Air Dash fighter scene, what are some major differences I will see and feel between the two different engines?


  18. John, will ATLUS and ASW continue to support Ultimax after it releases? We know that there are several DLC characters coming, but will you guys support the game in the future? It’s no secret that a future patch, such as balance changes and more characters, help to keep a fighting game in the spotlight for a much longer period(sf4, blazblue, etc). It would be awesome to have this game appear on the main stage at EVO on multiple occasions. I believe the suggested patches could make this possible.

    Keep up the awesome work.


    Thanks S link.

    P.S Shadow Chie and Narukami are OP as hell. They need patching asap. 🙂

  19. How big is the disparity between tiers in P4AU? I know Narukami and Yosuke are at the top, but much better are they compared to the rest?

  20. John, who are your favorite characters to play, and are any of them your favorite characters from the RPGs?

    Also, now that Atlus is a part of Sega, who do I need to talk to in order to get my original character, “Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner – Raidou Kuzunoha vs The Soulless Army” the Hedgehog into the Persona mythology?

  21. are you guys playing the same characters or are you switching? if im bored of one character, and overall not very fond of the game but still enjoy it, should i just pick top tier or just yu cause i probably wont play this game that much but i like to play stuff competively

  22. After we all endured the Heart Attack Grill, are we all actually currently deceased and don’t realize it?

  23. Questions for LK and Dacidbro, what first got you seriously interested in fighting games, and what makes you prefer airdashers over 3D fighters?

    Joke question for John, Europe?

    Real question for John, what would you say is the best part about interacting with the community in your role as PR?

  24. To LK and Dacid: I own Arena but I didn’t play the game competitively. What should I do in the upcoming weeks to prepare for Ultimax? Challenge mode? Or should I just wait and play Uniel in the mean time?

  25. To John: Serious question. If you could pick any significant character from the Persona series and make them playable in Ultimax, who would it be?

  26. Hey guys, thanks for doing this episode. Those are some amazing guests you have there, Levito! Here’s my question:

    In Argentina, anime fighters are not popular at all. While there is a community with hundreds of members, tournaments here don’t exist. The only official tournaments here are made by Capcom or Warner Bros (so it’s just SFIV and MK/Injustice), expos don’t even want these games because they’re not popular enough (not even anime expos listen to us) and the biggest gaming websites here barely even mention these games (I did some research and the ONLY Argentinian review I found for BBCP was the one I wrote for the website I’m in).
    I try my best to get people interested in these games (writing articles and I’m even planning on streaming Xrd with a friend when it comes out), but what can we do as a community to get people interested in anime fighters? We will to try to take Ultimax to some anime expo after it comes out, even if the organizers probably won’t listen to us again. What else would you recommend?

    I tried to be as concise as I could, don’t kill me Levito 😛

  27. This game intrigues me. Will Atlus be implementing a long term strategy plan to keep this game alive in the years to come? Or will this another one off deal with Arc System Works.

    Thanks doods

  28. Out of all the new characters introduced in Ultimax, who are your favorites, and which ones do you think will be high tier?

  29. I plan to do a 1 hour begginer’s workshop for P4U2 at my local arcade, what are some points that I should really touch on? (audience is a mix of BB/Marvel players)

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