Episode 39: The Waifu Of Wall Street

If you call yourself a Persona fan, chances are you’ve found yourself surrounded by the “waifu” phenomenon at one point or another. Idol worship has practically become synonymous with anime and a lot Japanese games as a whole by fans, and Persona is no exception.Though it’s fascinating to consider how much of that culture is a product of the community, and how much of it is deliberately encouraged on the part of the developers. On this episode of S. Link FM, we discuss the economics surrounding around best girl. (Yes, this episode is just as ridiculous as the description suggests)

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Thanks to Jintor for the show outtro.
Thanks to TrueSelf for the title card.

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4 thoughts on “Episode 39: The Waifu Of Wall Street

  1. What did you say? Soon-dare? Tsundere is suN deh rey chief. Get a little Japanese culture under your belt before you talk about it.

  2. Really enlightening episode about how manufactured a lot of characters are. Like I always thought Marie felt kind of forced but I still liked her or was tolerant of her, but just laying it all out like that made me question a lot of other characters that I liked.

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