Episode 37: Re-Enter the Dragon with Erin Fitzgerald

A year has past since the first time we spoke with voice actress Erin Fitzgerald, and it’s remained our most popular episode to date. So due to fan demand, we made sure there was a follow up.

This episode Erin goes into why Chie is an important role to her, shares details on how hard it was to voice the infected in The Last Of Us, and nearly makes Pan keel over by doing several Ed, Edd and Eddy voices.


(PS: Apologies that we didn’t get to everyone’s comments/questions, that’s just how it goes sometimes)

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Thanks to Jintor for the show outtro.
Thanks to TrueSelf for the title card.

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3 thoughts on “Episode 37: Re-Enter the Dragon with Erin Fitzgerald

  1. Guys, you really need to stop giving such short notice for when you’re fielding questions. Unless you found out you would be able to record that day, it’d be nice to have at least a week’s advance notice. Twitter doesn’t count, either, since tweets can be so easily lost in the shuffle.

    I’m sure the episode will be great, but that actually makes this all the more frustrating.

    • The questions post was up since the 17th, and we announced nearly a month ago on twitter(and Neogaf) that the Episode was happening. You can go to the actual twitter page so that tweets don’t get lost.

      Apologies HeavenSmiley, but there’s only so much we can do to advertise these things. Remember, the podcast is run by fans and it’s something we do in our spare time.

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