Erin Fitzgerald is coming back on the podcast soon, get those questions in!

To date the single most popular episode of the podcast was when we interviewed Erin Fitzgerald. It’s been well over a year since that episode happened, and yet people still regularly let us know how much they enjoyed that episode, and that we should have Erin on again sometime.

Well good news, Erin’s coming back for episode 37. For the the newer listeners that may not be aware: Erin was the English voice of Chie Satonaka in Persona 4: Arena, Persona 4: The Golden, and Persona 4: The Animation. Not to mention the upcoming Ultimax and Persona Q!

So you know the drill, leave your questions below. As with every actor we have on, you can leave a question pertaining to any of their roles, doesn’t have to be Persona related!

26 thoughts on “Erin Fitzgerald is coming back on the podcast soon, get those questions in!

  1. Erin, firstly I’d like to say that you’re really cool and that I admire you a lot! And thanks for answering our questions. If I’m allowed, I have 2 questions. 1st one: When you voiced the .hack//G.U series, who was your favorite to voice, Alkaid or Saku/Bo? 2nd one: Is voicing Chie’s Shadow fun or does it hurt since you love Chie so much? Hehe, I know this sounds a bit weird to ask but it seems fun to do a meanie voice!

  2. Since the persona stalkers club started, we found out minor details about characters such as what music Yosuke listens to during battles, or that chie dyes her hair.
    Is there anything that you know about chie that the rest of us may not know? And if not, is there anything you would like to add to the fan-canon about her or any other characters?

  3. Does Erin follow any gaming announcement livestreams at all? For example, did she catch the Nov 24 Persona event…if she did, what was her reaction to the titles that got announced that day?

  4. Some of us know you’re active in the communities that you’ve done work for like Skullgirls or Persona 4. What is your most memorable fan moment?

  5. 2nd question, how different is it performing and preparing for a character with very little dialogue a la Sorceress from Dragons Crown considering that all of the dialogue is reactive rather than conversational, when you compare it to a more story driven role such as Chie?

    Ps. Loved you in Danganronpa but couldnt pick out which of *SPOILERS* Junko’s voices you were. They were all great though, just bugged me I couldn’t pick out which one/s you did.

  6. A few questions for Erin.On Persona; at the big Persona announcement in November last year were you surprised to get the chance to play Chie’s role again for not just one but two more games? Can you relate / have similarities between you and Chie, if yes what are they?

    On Dangan Ronpa; How much did you know about the game before you got the role of Junko and which personalities of Junko did you voice?

    • Look up my response to Reanimatoin for the voice break-down. As for the prep work, I’m sure Erin can answer this in better detail for what she personally did, but Houk, the main translator for the first game, basically said that he gave every actor a quick description and picture of the character. Then he gave them a link to the first episode of the show to watch (presumably from Funimation), and was there in the recording studio to help feed details to them for each individual line.

      Houk and the director then had to give them the proper context, because all of the lines were listed in isolation from the rest of the script. That means that if a character was reacting to something, they wouldn’t have the line or event to react to. Jason Wishnov, the guy who voiced Byakuya, said he didn’t even remember saying some of the stuff he voiced, simply because he had no idea what the lines meant by themselves.

  7. Awesome she’s coming back on. I got too many questions, just nix the uninteresting.

    >Since characters are recorded separately, does familiarity with the VA of the character you’re speaking to help? How do you slip into a conversation that’s not happening?

    >What voice types were you thinking of for Chie? Is there a part of the U.S. her accent’s based on?

    >You get much direction when recording Additional Voices? What kind of prompting do you get for weird jobs like spore lady in Last of Us?

    >Any difference between voicing an originally Japanese character and a western made one? (Besides the maybe having to listen to the Japanese VA thing.)

    >Are you shown character lines you don’t have to voice? Like P4’s SL dungeon conversations and such. What did PCB Productions give you?

  8. Can we get some previews of the lines you did for Chie’s new attacks in Ultimax? (The new Crouching C freeze attack, and the lunge punch) Also how salty were you allowed to get with the language for Shadow Chie?

  9. When you aren’t recording do you ever use your character voices in public or around people you know? Also what do your friends and family think of your job? Keep up the amazing work and thank you so much for bringing so many awesome characters to life ^^

  10. If you could hang out with any one character you’ve voiced for a day other than Chie, who would you choose?

    Possibly an odd question, I just really want to ask Erin something. :3

  11. To Erin,

    Who is your favorite male character in Persona 4?

    (it was a question that been ask to every Japanese voice casts in P4 the Animation commentary, ‘who is their favorite opposite sex character?’. so I want to know yours view on this, since I already know that you love Chie the most.)

    (If I remember correctly, the Japanese VA of Chie, Horie Yui said she likes Dojima the most.)

    Thank you very much!

  12. First of I just wanted to say I love your roles as Chie and Genocide Jill.

    What is the easiest role you’ve ever done and what is the hardest role you’ve done?

    Thanks ^_^.

  13. Out of the entire persona series who are your top 3 favorite characters besides chie of course and what are thoughts on upcoming games and which are you more excited for and do want or expect from them as a fan

    P.s it’s great to have you on the podcast again!!

  14. To Erin:

    First of all let me say that I think you absolutely nailed “Sweet Chie” — that’s when she is embarrassed or when you have special moments with her. Her voice in those moments almost made me melt 🙂

    My question is:
    From what point since you started recording Chie’s voice did you fall in love with the character? Was it love at first sight, or was it more of a gradual thing? -Thanks.

  15. Hey Erin, I was wondering if you could talk us through the process of sounding different when voicing multiple characters? I imagine that it must be one of the hardest things to do as you would have to continuously deviate from your original voice to a number of different degrees. Any tips?

    Also, any plans on coming to Comic-Con in London England. We had Troy baker and Yuri Lowenthal last year. While those guys are super awesome, yourself, karen strassman, and Amanda winn lee are my personal favs 🙂

    Keep up the amazing work and thanks for being such a cool down to earth person.

    P.S, Make an account on Neogaf and join our Persona community. Levit0 and co can elaborate :p


  16. One more question… sorry but a friend insisted I ask (and I apologize if this has been covered in previous episodes… which I’m pretty sure it has):

    Are you allowed to tell us whether or not you know the identity of Naoto’s voice actress, and also perhaps any details as to why she prefers to remain anonymous?

    • Listen to the podcast they did with Michelle Ann Dunphy. Short answer: only Atlus USA, PCB Studios and her agent (if she has one) know. Because of likely union regulations, there’s no way that information is getting out without her getting in trouble. I know people are dying to know who it is, but for the sake of her career, it’s best to stop snooping alrogether.

  17. I hope I’m not too late to ask this!

    My question is about recording for fighting games. How does it feel when you’re recording story mode for Blazblue or Ultimax or something and then you switch to recording battle dialogue? Is that jarring at all for you?

    Erin, I loved you in Bravely Default, Danganronpa, and BBCP this year. Your range is really good, so I’m sure you have plenty more games coming out that you’re in and I’m excited for that. Keep up the great work!


  18. Hey ya, greetings from (just outside Ottawa) Canada, Erin!

    So obviously to get steady work as a voice actor, location is key. Being from an area where there isn’t really much voice work around I’ve done a fair bit of amateur voice acting online for like 4-5 years (also recently certified sound engineer) but have debated a fair bit on moving to a place with more opportunity like New York or California but wanted to know, based on your experiences, how hard the transition was for you to move so far away from Canada along with some of the hardest challenges you faced when you did move to the states and any advice or tips you can give for people to keep in mind about moving somewhere for work. Also, (I appologize for this one in advanced cause I’m sure you hate this question but) are there any sites or people you can suggest submitting a demo to for potential online paying voice acting gigs?

    Ps. Canada misses you, come back and visit sometime ;P

    • I really like this question. I’m no Erin, but if you want to look into things while you wait for the episode to come out, you can’t go wrong with the “pay-to-play” sites like, Voice123, or Voicebunny.

  19. Did you have fun voiceacting Junko Enoshima in Danganronpa: Happy Trigger Havoc?

  20. I’ll let you guys pick whatever you want from this:

    1. Jason Wishnov, the voice actor for Byakuya Togami from Dangan Ronpa, was a contestant on Wipeout. When are we going to see you debut on it to show everyone how it’s done?

    2. A more serious question, but how do you see the voice acting industry changing as things go forward? With more and more gigs going online, do you see things becoming more decentralized, with traditional mainstays like dedicated studios and directors becoming more uncommon, save for the really big-budget works? Likewise, do you see things like the increased accessibility of recording equipment and self-promotion channels like YouTube overcrowding the market, unless you’re lucky enough to be a talent with an established foothold/niche?

    3. What’s one thing you wish improved in the voice acting industry as a whole? Obviously you’re a professional – I don’t want you to throw anyone under the bus, but as you’ve clearly shown yourself to really love what you do, what’s one thing you wish happened to help bring your performances to the next level?

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