Episode 34: Not All Magicians

Yosuke Hanamura is arguably the most divisive character in the Persona franchise. However unlike say Ken Amada, there’s actually a lot more substance to the disdain a lot of people have for Yosuke. In this short episode, we discuss whether or not Yosuke would don a fedora in the real world.

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3 thoughts on “Episode 34: Not All Magicians

  1. Whether the writers are cognizant of Yosuke being a dick is major, but no matter the motivation under the lines, he’s still speaking them. I mean, I guess you can treat it like Yosuke’s an essentially decent character who is occasionally taken over by cultural relativism, causing him to exude shitty comedy skits, but even if you can explain the shit he spews, the taint’s there, and since he’s a fictional character, player opinion, not shiftable blame, is what matters.

    Yosuke puts Chie and Kanji down for not being feminine/hetero enough, criticizes Naoto for acting big, and generally when he’s being nasty it’s in a petty ‘know your place’ way. Yosuke’s the straight-man, telling us what normal society expects by pointing at how someone sticks out. The girls being bad cooks isn’t funny until he calls them on it, that’s how the double act works. From my American perspective, Yosuke’s a wimp, cause obviously standing out beats bland normality. But even if all the nastiness is performative (just pig-tail pulling) and the bad feelings disappear with the punchline, what are we supposed to think Yosuke thinks except what he says? There’s no signs he doesn’t mean what he’s saying. He’s always driving the scenes; the spotlight’s rarely on Yosuke except in his slink and that addresses a different set of issues.

    The dude’s weirdly meta. Yosuke’s the source of the worst kind of social slapstick, but also basically Santa. Or at least a soccer mom. Beach scene, ski trip, motorcycle license, dialog battle — the writers use Yosuke to hook you up with life events, he even sets up Teddie’s stay over. So what we’ve got is a guy with bladder problems who drops his knife like 40 damn times a battle and who calls us, the Hero, partner: grounds for superiority and camaraderie, simultaneously.

    What I’m trying to say is The hardest thing to tolerate in Yosuke is knowing this kind of ego stroking is what Atlus thinks I want. C’mon. There’s enough respect to go around.

    Also: Yosuke is called out only once for picking on Kanji and I’d say it’s just to trigger a different kind of comedy. Chie’s scolding confuses Rise, Rise asks why Naoto is a sensitive topic with Kanji, and suddenly everyone’s scrambling to change the topic.

    Atlus isn’t so much progressive as it is operating within a different set of taboos. Their comfort zone allows for acknowledging gay people exist. Like ya mentioned, there’s Enchanted Arms and all those. Healthy gay relationships (being different but equal) is their taboo, I think? Not a topic I know much about. That they were considering a romance option with Yosuke blows my mind.

    Good episode.

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