This Saturday we talk Persona’s art with Persona(you read that right), so post those questions!

(Art by TrueSelf)

One of the things that tends draw people to the Persona series is the wonderful art direction. Often you’ll hear how the just the visuals alone from a Persona game were enough to convince somone to give the games a shot. So it’s high time we dedicated an episode to just to that aspect of the series. We’ll be covering both Soejima and Kaneko’s art, as well as several other key discussion points.

For this episode, we thought it was important that we bring in a talented artist, and low and behold it’s happening. Very happy to announce that Jonathan “Persona” Kim will be joining us on this episode! Persona(the artist) is a senior animator on the popular fighting game Skullgirls, and has worked on other titles like Scott Pilgrim the game. Not to mention a big SMT/Persona fan as well!

The recording will be happening this upcoming Saturday(the 17th) So if you have any questions or comments regarding the art of the series, or any questions for Persona(the artist) please post them below!

4 thoughts on “This Saturday we talk Persona’s art with Persona(you read that right), so post those questions!

  1. Question for Jonathan “Persona” Kim: What is your favorite persona/demon in terms of the art? Also, what is it about the SMT/Persona franchises that appeal to you the most?

    P.S. – If its the art that appeals most to you…well…then that’s pretty convenient for the discussion. Thanks for being here, I know S. Link FM is happy to have you on the podcast with them.

  2. Question for Persona and the slink gang,
    Persona 3 and 4 ( and I guess those other two) rely on artwork in their games to express the characters. In future releases like P5 how do want artwork to be used in relation to the upscaled graphics of the character models, since character portraits will be unnecessary?

  3. Question for Persona: Are you working on Super Amala Midnight Vol. 2? Got Vol. 1 when you were taking online orders with inside cover art requests and I was wondering if you and Black were planning on releasing a sequel soon. I really loved the first one and still enjoy reading it every now and then. Thanks for the book and for being on the podcast!

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