Persona 5 “Seek Emancipation” trailer released (April Fools!)

personer2 Our very own TrueSelf seems to have stumbled upon something huge today. In what was just supposed to be a search to find the Persona 5 announcement trailer, he found a NEW trailer for Persona 5– one that not only highlights a new grim tone to the project, but even unveils a release date for the game! From the YouTube description:

Someone is coming, crawling back from the Sea of Souls… But will he use his power to bring about absolute Order, or ultimate Chaos? Use your bonds of friendship to break free from the shackles of life– only the power of Persona can save, or doom, all of humanity!

Get ready for the game IGN calls “The Dark Souls II of Shin Megami Tensei”– Persona 5 is coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Nintendo 3DS on March 17, 2015! Seek Emancipation and pre-order today to receive the “Grimdark Costume Pack” and “Dante Must Die Mode,” exclusively from GameStop!

This is pretty unbelievable news, no one expected Persona 5 to actually go in this direction. After all, Persona 4 was all “Scooby Doo”– this, on the other hand, is very mature and grown up. The Persona game we all wanted is coming.

This trailer is very dark, and violent. So please be aware that this is a NSFW kind of trailer.

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