Translation talk is happening this Saturday with Pepsiman!

sample_458e783ec4f9dfdc2a62dd59491ea36f60b503e4By now, you’ve probably seen the lengthy interview with Katsura Hashino from last December’s Persona Magazine. Most western fan where not privy as to what the contents of the interview entailed, well, that is until freelance English-Japanese translator and Persona fan Pepsiman was kind enough to do a full translation of the interview.

Pepsiman has been doing various translation work for some time now, and he’s been especially awesome to the Persona community as of late. So we thought it’s be cool to have him on the podcast, and low and behold–it’s happening!

So if you have any questions for Pepsiman regarding his work, or just translation work in general, please leave a comment below!  This is your chance to get advice from a pro. It all goes down on the 27th Episode of S. Link FM.

7 thoughts on “Translation talk is happening this Saturday with Pepsiman!

  1. How long did it take you to learn Japanese, and why did you choose to learn it? (Assuming English is your native language)

  2. Has their ever been any translation you’ve done that has driven you up a wall in trying to understand what it means in the context of the language and then having to translate it into English and make it understandable.

    • I’ll try this again, Ignore the first one, and use this one instead.

      Has there ever been any translation you’ve done that has driven you up a wall in trying to understand what it means in terms of the context of the language, and then having to translate it into English and making it easy to understand to the average English-speaking person.

  3. Pepsiman! I have two questions, one of which is a bit of a retread of what I already asked you, but I figured I’d ask again for anyone else who might be wondering:

    1. For anyone who might be interested in a line of work similar to yours but doesn’t have the means to pursue it as a formal education (either because of being roped up in a different area of focus or simply not having the money), do you have any suggestions for getting one’s feet wet with this kind of stuff?

    2. As someone who can actually understand Japanese, does the idea of undubbed games make less sense to you? For example, if a character speaks for two dialogue boxes, boxes 1 and 2, in Japanese, but they need to be switched to make in English (box 2 followed by box 1), is it weird listening to the audio for box 1 while reading box 2, and vice-versa? I know the structure of sentences is pretty different between the two, so I figure there would be instances where you’d need to switch things around once things get more complex.

    3. Where do you usually stand in terms of deciding what needs to be localized vs what can just stay translated? I realize it’s not always a clear-cut answer all the time, but it always seems like a big debate everywhere. Dangan Ronpa changed Genocider Sho to Genocide Jack, which does appeal more to western audiences but doesn’t make sense internally since none of these Japanese characters should get the reference. Likewise, there’s beloved stuff like Ace Attorney which changed the location to L.A. in English (which made things awkward in later games), but on the other side, you have the recent Persona games embrace how Japanese everything is. I was just curious to know which school of thought you usually subscribed to.

  4. Oh yeah, one more, thanks to the SMT1 announcement reminding me:

    Can you comment on the general quality of fan translations for SMT games not released outside of Japan (mostly talking about Aeon Genesis)? The quality of the translations seemed pretty good as I played them, but as you would be someone who would be more likely to have the context to compare them with the original scripts, I was wondering if you ever did a comparison like that.

  5. my qustion is that when i was 4 i played pepsiman like i still love that game so to the point is there gona be pepsiman 2??

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