Interview with Amanda Winn Lee on the 14th, send in your questions!


It’s been a good while since we’ve had a big name guest on the podcast, hasn’t it? Well, that’s about to come to an end, as Amanda Winn Lee will be joining us next Episode! Amanda has been working as a writer, ADR director, and voice actress for many years now–Oh, and Persona fans probably know her as the voice talent behind Persona 4’s Yukiko Amagi.

Amanda has voiced several other characters within Megaten, such as Argilla in the Digital Devil Saga series, Yoshino Harusawa in Devil Survivor Overclocked, and even Ulala in the original release of Persona 2: Eternal Punishment.

Oh, and of course, she’s also well known for her work on the original Neon Genesis Evangelion series! So if you have any questions regarding her other roles, feel free to ask away! As with every other guest, questions are just limited to just Persona.

It all goes down next Friday.

20 thoughts on “Interview with Amanda Winn Lee on the 14th, send in your questions!

  1. What was it like to record Haru in Devil Survivor: Overclocked?

    Looking back on Overclocked, I find that Haru’s character was a part of the game I consistently enjoyed and she definitely ranks high in terms of my favorite SMT characters. Her struggle with depression and suicidal thoughts really comes through in her dialogue, and I couldn’t help but smile when she started to become more self-confident later on in the plot. I’d go as far to say that Haru’s character arc is possibly one of the greatest examples of the video game medium respectfully taking on the issue of depression in modern society. Thank you so much for bringing the character to life through your performance, and thank you to the S. Link guys for the great podcast!


    1. Since you’ve been active in the industry since the ’90s, what kinds of shifts have you noticed from then until now? Obviously things like the burst of the westernized anime bubble in the 2000s should have been pretty big, but have there been any other changes, even more on the production side that consumers might not ever see?
    2. Are you able to comment at all on the Silent Hill HD Collection at all? I never actually purchased it myself, due to how disappointed I was in the final product, but I trusted Mary Elizabeth Mcglynn to be a good voice director, considering her previous involvement in the series. Just as a quick reminder, the original actress for Heather did the voice acting and motion capture, on top of being the reference for the character’s appearance and name. Was recording your take just kind of “business as usual,” or was it weird recording for a character that was essentially someone else?
    3. How on earth did you get roped into dubbing Dead Leaves, and how was it being involved as much as you were? I enjoyed the performances you and your husband did for the main characters, but even before you got behind the mic, I have to wonder how you reacted while adapting the script.
    4. I get the sense that some voice actors actually look down upon recording for video games vs doing it for other genres, especially with how hellish it can be on your voice. Have you noticed that to be true, or is my image of it being “grunt work” in a way totally off-base?
    5. I always hear about convention stories, with a lot of actors really enjoying that they can interact with fans. What’s your favorite story from all of that?
    6. Finally, how are you? It seems like a lot of interviews just generally default to questions like “how did you get started” or ones with a bit of technical, though rote, flair, so what have you, the person giving life to all of these characters, been up to outside of your job. I’m sure being a mother eats away from a lot of your time, but what do you do in those brief moments when you’re not knee-deep in voice acting?

  3. Amanda, you have worked on many games and anime, both as a voice actor and also with voice direction and other roles. Is there a particular role or experience you have had with any game or show (not just persona) that resonates with you?

  4. Would you voiced Ulala again if Atlus USA decided to make Eternal Punishment PSP from Japan?

  5. I remember when End of Evangelion was undergoing its English localization, not only were you translating a lot of the original script but you were Rallying (pun intended) to get as many of the original english voice cast back for the two films. Can you please elaborate on a few of the setbacks you faced along the way.

  6. I appear to have a syndrome where whenever I hear voice actors in games, I instantly tie them to their persona characters, having just watched the English v/a trailer for Drakengard 3, I think I heard Laura Bailey, Liam O’Brien, Tara Platt, Yuri Lowenthal etc. My question being, does working with the same voice actors on different projects make it hard to differentiate between characters?

  7. I’d like to know if Amanda references to anything in the Persona fandom. For example, Erin knows of the “fsteak” from Hiimdaisy’s comics (or is it from Marie’s line in Golden…?).

  8. 1)out of all the atlus characters which one did u enjoy the most and which one did u find more difficult

    2)have you played p4 if so who is your favorite character beside Yukiko and what do u think of the game in general

    p.s i have been lurking the ot since mid OT2 and have been hearing your podcast since day 1




  10. Actually I just came up with two more questions:

    1. With the increase in accessibility for technology related to recording, the barrier to entry for becoming a voice talent seems lower than ever before. I’m not sure if you can really comment, since you had already started before it seems like this really started to happen, but do you think it’s necessarily as important as it might have been before for an absolute newcomer to go through the “traditional” route of taking classes, signing with agencies and working almost exclusively with dedicated studios?

    For that matter, do you see studios reaching out more to talents with home set-ups who can then transfer things online, or is the culture of certain businesses and industries flocking to talent within their own cities still too common?

    2. As someone possibly looking to get into voice acting, particularly in the animation genre, as it includes both cartoons and video games, do you have any specific advice? I recently took a class for funding out if I had the potential to break into the industry, but despite receiving a glowing report, I was still urged to seek opportunities in other genres, mostly because there are such comparatively fewer jobs. It’s hard working up the cash to take classes on a college student’s budget, but do you have any advice for someone specifically trying to bust into the niche?

  11. 2 quick questions:
    What is your favourite anime? (Doesn’t have to be something you’ve worked on)
    Have you seen the Evangelion Rebuild series?

  12. Yukiko has a reputation as a murder (in the kitchen). When you make food, does it kill people too?

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