Episode 24: Reach Out To The Tunes!


This week on S.Link FM, we finally earn that name. As promised, Episode 24 is all about the music of Persona, SMT, and Shōji Meguro’s composition. This episode is very unlike anything else we’ve done, and nostalgic is the only way I can accurately describe it.  This is as close as you’re going to get to a Persona radio station.

Thanks again to Doug for coming on the podcast this week, it was a pleasure.

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Piano tracks from the Podcast provided by composer Doug Farrell, check out his work here:

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We’re back this Friday, and it’s all about the music of Persona/SMT–Send us you Questions!


After a month long hiatus since our Holiday Special, we’re finally kicking off the second season of the podcast. Didn’t mean to keep you all in the dark for that long, but December was a busy month and a break needed to be had!

One of the most distinguishing aspects of the Persona series has been the music from composer Shoji Megero. Often when someone mentions their first experiences with the games, they mention how puzzling but strangely endearing the music is. So it’s long overdue that we dedicated a episode to the music of Persona and SMT. We’ll be covering things from composition, to the strange lyrics, and of course the Persona Music Live concerts.

This week’s panel will include a number of folks with formal training in musical composition. Specifically the podcast’s composer Doug Farrell, who is the talent behind the SMT piano collections you hear on nearly every episode!

In addition to just posting questions here, please share your stories on how you first reacted to the music in Persona. Would love to hear them, and we’ll even read all them out on this episode!