Ep #22 on Suplex Hold with Lordknight and Dacidbro records friday, post those questions!

So keeping with the promise that we’d do another episode on fighting games, we’ve decided to…. Well record another episode on fighting games! Dacidbro will be returning once again, along with the gentleman that came in 2nd at this year’s EVO 2013 Persona 4 Arena tournament LordKnight.

So if you have any questions on Arena, Suplex Hold, BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma, or again just fighting games in general. There’s no better time to ask, did you see the step? It’s genius.

31 thoughts on “Ep #22 on Suplex Hold with Lordknight and Dacidbro records friday, post those questions!

  1. How do you think SuplexHold will advance the Elizabeth’s search for a means of freeing Makoto?

  2. Hey Dacidbro, when Suplex Hold is released, what factors will influence the time you dedicate to either BlazBlue or P4A? Is it based on fun factor alone, or other stuff like player-base or tournament success?

  3. Dacidbro, what are your opinions on Akihiko so far? And for LordKnight, thoughts on Mitsuru? Are either of you interested in playing their shadow counterparts from what you’ve seen?

  4. Dacidbro, are you still on hiatus in fighting games to study for university? If yes, when will you return. Also when you do finish, are you going to train on P4:TUUSH and your thoughts on the new mechanics and lineup on the game? Your predicted new most used fighting character? Which of the shadow versions are scarier: Shadow Mitsuru or Shadow Aigis? Finally, do you want to see a lab coat wearing version of Shadow Naoto?

  5. One more question I forgot to put in: Your thoughts on A Midsummer Knights Dream. (Note, for my question on Shadow Naoto, I meant having a sprite model of her in game since apparently a lot of Shadow only animations will be added.

  6. The events of the first Arena led many people to believe some of the plot points would be continued in Persona 5. Do you think that will still hold true after Arena 2? Or do you think the plots of the Arena games are their own seperate thing irrelevant to P5?

  7. What are your thoughts on the idea that Nyarlathotep from the older Persona games is somehow behind all the crazy stuff in P4 Arena and Arena 2?

  8. Spoilery-spoilers ahead:
    What is the deal with “P3 main character can’t be in Arena, he’s dead!” ? At least my Female Henna Hito just went to sleep on Aigis’ lap and was nowhere near dead in the end. Or did I understand something incorrectly?

    BTW, the male lead seems super lame compared to the female and should be rejected from Arena to make way for her… AND Koromaru! Actually I want to see Koromaru in P4D too!

    • As confirmed by The Answer in P3 FES, when the P3 protag “went to sleep” they actually died.

  9. Didn’t Arc continue to add characters in the game after the release of the original? Do you think they will do the same for P4A2 and if so, how many characters do you see them adding and who do you think the characters will be?

  10. Do you guys think Mitsuru and Aigis are still super broken? Also would you like to see Adachi as a top tier character? 🙂

  11. How is Yukiko compared to the first game and what is Shadow Yukiko like?
    As someone who likes to play zoners, should I switch to Yukari?

  12. Dearest Lord Knight.

    First place EVO main anime game, will it happen?

    First place P4: Dancing All Night 2014, make it happen?

  13. What did Persona do to increase the amount of anime players? Nec ’12 and ’13 both had high entrants amount, I remember previous years being a lot less.

    Or does this have nothing to do with Persona and just an increased in interest for Anime fighting game?

  14. Lord Knight and Dacidbro, what are Mitsuru’s weaknesses? Does anything leave her open? I guess this same question also applies to Aigis and shadow labryse. I really have trouble fighting these 3 characters. I currently main Yukiko, Yu, and a bit of Aki.

    Thanks guys

    Dacidbro, you the man.

  15. Lordknight, dacidbro, why in the blue hell have you guys not played the Persona 4 rpg??????? I consider this blasphemy. 🙂

  16. Any thoughts on how Aigis seems to have received little to no nerfs in the new update? Can she be considered Valk status in this game?

  17. why doesn’t bropei install have manly theme music? also, what’s the best addition to the ost?
    will adachi have terumi-inspired curbstomp gameplay?
    why is aigis’ new super not even a real suplex?
    are any of the characters as broken as kokonoe? giant golden tager might be overkill for only 50 heat, but magarudie does the same thing for half the cost

  18. For the three guests- did you have experience with Persona/SMT before P4A?

    A fighting game question- how do you like to learn matchups? I struggle with finding new ways to get in on my opponents (biggest example is beating Yukiko with my Chie) and can’t find a good way to practice them and find counters/tricks.

    Is it true that ArcSys just BUFFED Brokonoe? I heard jA and jB have higher damage or startup as of Wednesday’s patch.

    Do you think ASW should work with more licenses for future fighting games?

    How do you guys feel about how Capcom players look down upon “anime fighters”, and are they too niche/underappreciated at this time?

    Sorry for the load of questions! Can’t wait to hear the show!

    • Also, rundown on some big, unnoticed, or broken character changes? Particuarly, how is Chie in this new game? (Lunge Punch looks SICK!)

  19. Which new character looks to be the best out of the 3 shown ? Also (Spoilers) Where’s Makoto? I know he’s dead, but seriously its been like 7 years since P3’s release, does keeping him dead really matter at this point?

  20. how do you two feel about the stigma within the fighting game community of anime titles not being serious? It seems like there was alot of hype around Persona 4 arena’s release. However, most people in the FGC(sf, umvc3 players) were quick to dismiss the game and cast it off as dying title. How can this community evolve into one, rather than being segmented?

  21. For the three guests, how did you know when you had a certain “style” of play you liked in terms of character and playstyle? Did you just know? Did you have to play a lot to find it? I still don’t know who I like to play!

  22. I would like to know how dacidbro and LK would go about balancing a game if their goal was to be a maximum dick to everyone playing their game. (They can pick a specific game, or just talk in general about it.)

  23. If money/travel weren’t an issue, what venue would you most like to play a tournament in?

  24. Question:

    Do you guys think the Shadow Characters will be tournament-viable in the long term? They can do ridiculous damage, but the lack of Burst seems like a dealbreaker. What do you guys think?

  25. In what situations would it really be worth using a Shadow character over a Normal? I can’t think of any characters I’d rather have as a Shadow. Also, what do you think of the new characters? Yukari, at least, seems to be getting a lot of upload love. She looks pretty decent (especially with that dirty as hell awakening tornado super) but I haven’t seen anything very promising for Junpei or Sho. Going to stick to your current mains or try out someone new in P4U2?

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