This Friday: The Podcast Event of the CENTURY: S. Link FM x Cathedral of Shadows!


Marvel vs. Capcom, Alien vs. Predator, King Kong vs. Godzilla, Street Fight X Tekken–who doesn’t love a good crossover? This Friday, our little podcast is going to be apart of the next big crossover: S.Link FM and Cathedral of Shadows.  If you’re not familiar with Cathedral of Shadows–they’re a Shin Megami Tensei podcast, and we’ve been talking about doing a crossover show for a while now. Be sure to check out their podcast here.

The topic of this episode if going to be Persona, MegaTen, and the endless silly clashing between the fandoms. Obviously there’s a lot of ground to cover but more than anything we’ll probably be discussing when sets every MegaTen series apart from eachother.

So if you have any questions about the greater SMT lexicon, now’s the time to ask. The Cathedral of Shadows folks are obviously really knowledgeable in that department!

14 thoughts on “This Friday: The Podcast Event of the CENTURY: S. Link FM x Cathedral of Shadows!

  1. Reposting from PersonaGAF: Could you ask them if they can explain the overall timeline from SMT1 leading to Persona 4? It’s….kind of complicated. There are two alternate universes in between SMT1 and P4 IIRC. And maybe ask them if they have any theories on why there are no demons in Persona anymore, aside from Atlus deciding to handwave them away.

    (Side note: IIRC, Raidou and Persona take place in alternate parallel universes depending on the gender of the protagonist in SMT: if. But aside from that, I knows nothing)

  2. 2014 will be the year of Persona for Atlus. Do you think we will get any SMT announcements next year? I personally want Digital Devil Saga ports for the Vita 🙂

    • I’ll personally try my best to avoid it, or if it’s unavoidable I’ll give a warning. I’ll tell Katsu to do the same. Also, just wanna give you fair warning if you ever decide to listen to Cathedral of Shadows: We’re fairly good about spoiler warnings in the earlier episodes but past like episode 3 or 4 we suck at it XD just wanted to let you know so you didn’t listen to one of our episodes and accidentally get spoiled. (This goes for every MegaTen game BTW. Sorry about that D:)

  3. Cathedral of Shadows what is your favorite megaten game and do you like persona?

  4. You guys play persona? What do you think of it, how does it compare to MegaTen, and how do you think Atlus should move the franchise?

    Also, why should i play it?

  5. In your opinion, what do you think’s about SMTIV and P4G handling the difficulty level of dungeon crawling. Especially how P4G makes you choose one difficulty level at the beginning of the game and stick with it (with their new easier than easy mode as an option) and SMTIV making you feel humiliated after dying twice before giving the option of easy mode. And what’s your opinion about Persona’s more generous difficulty curve compared to SMTIV on normal mode.

  6. Also, what do you guys think of Persona 3 The Movie #2 Midsummer KNIGHTS Dream announcement?

  7. I’m a big Persona babby who’s only played 3 and 4. What’s a good starting point with SMT that won’t scar me for life.

  8. How could SMT borrow from Person, and vice versa?

    Which of the games in each series is everyone’s favorite?

    The SMT series isn’t very accessible, and I mean to acquire the games. Any ways to easily play SMT 1, 2, and 3? 4 is readily available, and the whole Persona series is digitally available, but SMT is much harder to find.

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