Episode 20: Pursuing Thy True Nose

We’ve done it, we’ve made it to the 20th episode! It still feels like we only just started this podcast yet we’ve made it to hour first milestone. For the 20th episode we’ve decided to take an extended look at the new Persona spinoff games: Persona Q and Persona 4: Dancing all night.

So join us in hour wild speculation on Rise’s climb back to the top and the quest for everyone’s nose.

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4 thoughts on “Episode 20: Pursuing Thy True Nose

  1. I really enjoyed this episode, though I wish I had known you guys were fielding questions.

    Also, Levito, I’ll go against everything Keats said and suggest IV over Untold. Untold suffers from a lot of the problems P4G does in terms of adding systems that weren’t part of its respective game’s balance, making things too uneven at best, and boring at worst in terms of challenge. The story mode also doesn’t add enough to justify locking you into the same five party members for the entire game, stripping away the experimentation the games usually promote in terms of party member composition, which will likely be in Q, too.

    If you can deal with having less overt motivations aside from “explore the game’s world because I dunno, lol” and having exploration and imagination be their own rewards, I’d just skip untold altogether. Either way, since the demo for Untold only has story mode, you can play that and the demo for IV to see whichever one’s more your speed. Their save datas transfer to the full games, too, so there won’t be too much of a loss.

    Oh, and Keats made the FOEs sound worse than they are. They’ll always be monsters patrolling around the dungeon in specific patterns, so even though they can crush your party in a single turn, they’re usually easy to run past. After you get a hang of the systems, you can eventually defeat them the first time you encounter a new type, even though they’re like, at least there times stronger than you are at the time.

    • Oooh thanks for the suggestion on EO! I’ll have to keep that in mind.

      Sorry I didn’t make a website post about this episode, wasn’t sure if there would be enough interest. If you have a twitter account I’d suggest checking out our twitter here: https://twitter.com/SLinkFM –we screen for questions on there regardless if there’s a website post.

      • I guess in a lot of ways, Untold does introduce the basic systems the best for people not used to Atlus RPGs, but anyone who’s played an SMT or Persona game will get their bearings in any Etrian game pretty quickly. The biggest problem I had with the game, was that like I said, the game sticks you with the same five characters for the entire game, which in this series, means locking you out of a lot of classes with pretty different playstyles, each completely different skills and strategies. Another problem is that even though each character in Untold has a good set of skills, you can steal skills from monsters, too. It sounds cool on paper, but your chance of getting them is completely random, meaning you could be grinding for hours hoping you find the right monster , on top of hoping you score one specific skill out of potentially 2-3. That just wasn’t fun for me. Compare that with IV, where there are less skills, but they’re less situational and more useful, on top of just needing to level up to get ’em.

        I don’t have a Twitter, though, but do you ask for questions on P-GAF? I might have just missed them there.

      • Argh, I just realized I haven’t been posting under my GAF name. Whoops. Both of these posts are from HeavenSmiley.

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