Episode 19: Emancipation Anticipation — Persona 5 revealed!

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Well, Persona 5 was announced… What else needs to be said? Hope you enjoy this week’s episode as we recap the entire Atlus countdown. There’s more than enough chibi-dancing-grimdark-localized-SUPLEX-hype goodness to go ’round for everyone.

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4 thoughts on “Episode 19: Emancipation Anticipation — Persona 5 revealed!

  1. I think that they will probably include another character like Aigis again, considering that the word ‘robot’ does mean slave. In fact, maybe the main character is a robot.

  2. You guys were way too down on people for hoping for P4-2 :/

    It went from being a terrible false leak to people building a hype train stating they wanted to see a sequel. Maybe some people wanted to believe? Otherwise close the presses, hoping for unannounced games and jumping on anything that could possibly mean a new game is a no-no.

    • For me at least, it was more the people that were concerned Persona 4-2 was potentially being made as opposed to Persona 5 that we were down on. As in–people were worried that Atlus was making a Persona 4-2 over Persona 5.

      Wasn’t meant to come off as down on people that legitimately wanted a Persona 4-2. Sorry about that!

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