Persona 5 may finally be revealed this weekend, what are your thoughts?


By this time next week we’ll all either be celebrating the long awaited announcement of Persona 5, or there’ll be mountains of salt as far as the eye can see. It’s looking more than likely that it’s the former, as both and the mysterious countdown site now share the exact same IP address. You can go ahead and even test this yourself with a ping test or traceroute command.

So of course since it’ll be hard for us to contain our excitement (or potential disappointment) this weekend–We’ve decided to record the 19th Episode of the podcast this Sunday in reaction to whatever is announced.

What do you think is going to be revealed though? If you have a question for this weeks panel or just want to share your thoughts on P5 or whatever else, please let us know in the comments below. We’ll be reading them off on this weeks episode.

Yet again, as Mr.Buffer would say…


(Thanks to Tobii for the fake Per5ona poster and Armada for the Antonio gif)

15 thoughts on “Persona 5 may finally be revealed this weekend, what are your thoughts?

  1. Hope they select the PS3 as their weapon of choice since I don’t really want to get a PS4 currently. (I want to wait for the PS4 2.0 or 3.0 version)

  2. A question: what’s up about the Shadow versions on the new P4U Suplex? Are they gonna be like Shadowlabrys/Labys or Ex characters like in Guilty Gear? I expect a lot of recycling.

  3. Given the imagery shown in the minute long teaser, it appears Persona 5’s theme will likely be something akin to “Freedom,” in the same sense that Persona 3’s was “Death,” and Persona 4’s was “Truth,” how do you all think this may effect the nature of the characters and story?
    Also, while over thinking things, I considered that based off the ball and chain tied to the chair, the game may take place in some sort of correctional facility, and not just a normal high school. What are your opinions on the setting, and how it could influence the game?

  4. What are your thoughts on Persona Q’s canonicity or place in the Persona timeline? It shows both Shinjiro and P3 protag alive and well as well as showing young P3 characters along with P4 character even though they didn’t meet them until they were adults in Arena.

  5. Did they ‘get’ any of you? By that I mean did any of you think that they were really gonna end the stream with the dancing game?

  6. Which of the games pleasantly surprised you after having some time for these games to sink in?

  7. Which game are you most excited for BESIDES Persona 5?
    What do you think of Persona leaving Playstation (again, if you count Arena)?
    What do you think of the potential for the stories in Persona 5 and Suplex Hold, based on the trailers we have now?

  8. Has any of you figured out who the old lady at the Persona teaser was? I want a Social Link with her so I can make her my waifu.

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