Episode 17: Armada n’ Apple with Michelle Ann Dunphy


Did you know that the secret to being a 400+ year old inhabitant of the Velvet Room is a healthy low carb Paleo diet? Thanks to the insight of voice actress Michelle Ann Dunphy, we do now! Jokes aside, this episode the talent behind Ayane and Margaret joined us to discuss a whole manner of things–It was a lot of fun! Also by the end of this episode, you’ll be a full on Armada/Apple shipper guaranteed.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 17: Armada n’ Apple with Michelle Ann Dunphy

  1. Great show.. First time hearing a VA who follows anime.. And really like the sweet song about Apple..I wanted to hit on the repeat button but its abit of a hassle.. Lolz… Btw, Armada should make more songs maybe for each of the Persona characters.. Hope to hear more from you guys! 😀

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