Episode 16: Speculatory Countdown Suplex!


A few days ago,  Atlus put up a mysterious countdown timer on this webpage. Could this be counting down to the Persona 5 reveal we’ve all been waiting for?

The hype has (potentially) begun, with this countdown timer having gone live– speculation all over the internet has kicked into high gear. We here at S.Link FM are not exempt from the hype. So prepare yourself for some of the wildest predictions we’ve had thus far. From a Persona 3 port to Vita, to evil Yu in Arena, and of course Gabe Newell announcing Persona 5.

Remember though, this episode is purely speculation–even if there’s evidence for the ideas presented. We’re not saying for certain that any of the games mentioned in this episode are going to come into fruition and be revealed on November 24th.

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4 thoughts on “Episode 16: Speculatory Countdown Suplex!

  1. Well, there are so many things going on in this show that I felt pretty much saturated. That aside, you guys gave very interesting ideas on speculations for P5, the website it self and what they should do to the game.. All except for the online part where a server is needed to run the game. Unless P5 turn themselves into game-play focus experience like what Demon/ Dark souls series are, then I do not see the point of having competitive MMO like elements in it. And it will be sad if that happens because the character developments, social links and the plot is what makes Persona stands out from the crowd. The reason why I say this is because, so far, I have never seen one game company who can really pull both of the factors off perfectly. They have to lean to either one of the side, the plot or the gameplay, or go for the in between..

    As for the graphic, well, I do very much agree , just do not go too deep into the tearing, frame rate and all those technical issues. Some minor flaw can always be forgiven. Thing is, if we focus too much on that then some of the more valuable things will always be omitted. Which brings me to this fantastic game by Cavia call Nier. I mean, Nier is a game which pays allot of attention on creating new world with new cultures but people just keep overlooking it. And that is an unfortunate thing, because if more people appreciate the innovation on the writing in the game we could see more developers trying something new. On a side note, atleast Drakengard 3 is coming, I hope for the localization.

    Anyway, I really think that cinematic experience in the game is important especially when it comes to those plot heavy RPGs. It is important to be able to capture crucial emotional moments. Atlus did great jobs in that, where they compliment the lack of 3D model expression to detailed character portraits. I hope they would stay like that at their current state, least they have budgets like SE does. I mean as good as they are in catherine, it is still not quite there yet. Even Yakuza game is not as good too..But , do not get me wrong, I like the aforementioned games very much.

    So yea, before the comment gets way too long, one last thing is that, I am never bored going back and forth in Persona’s town too. Probably due to the fact that the NPCs are very very lively. Its like it has soul in it. But the one sure place that I like going back to is Dojima’s house. It actually felt homey and warm to me, though Dojima is seldom home. But, I really like the feel they created. Its the only game that makes me felt that way.

    Well, thank you for the podcast. Really enjoy the podcast allot. All of the input are very creative indeed. Hop to hear more! Cheers! 😀

  2. I have just started listening to the podcast (I have just finished the 2nd one). I’m really curious to hear this one. The hype is so high!
    Even if it’s not directly related to the podcast, I have a question about GAF. Should I receive the “verify” email right after registering or it will arrive when and if the account is activated? I managed to register couple of weeks ago but I haven’t received any mail. If I not receive it, can it be resent?

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