Episode 15: SEGA Megami Tensei IV


Well it was a very long time coming, but at last our much talked about Shin Megami Tensei IV episode has arrived. Also for once big news hit BEFORE we actually recorded the podcast. So along with our SMT IV talk, we also add our speculation/thoughts on what the SEGA acquisition means for Atlus. Armada breaks down the themes of chaos, free will and how they are used in SMT IV–all the while imploring we all play Strange Journey. Jello and cjkeats emphasize the importance of press turn. While our guest Romscout sheds some light on SMT’s past and current entries. This is this first of (hopefully) many more episodes jumping into the larger Shin Megami Tensei lexicon, hope you enjoy it!

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3 thoughts on “Episode 15: SEGA Megami Tensei IV

  1. Wow.. Really, I mean I sincerely thank the crew for the insight.. It is highly detailed and interesting. I never knew that SMT is that deep.. But like Levito, I really hope that somehow Atlus will bring the games to PSVita . I am loving that awesome machine.. I bring it with me wherever I go.. Also, I really like the idea that there are members in the show who are new to the series, because he really help me get to know more on the games…

    On a side note, I do hope to see some darker elements like SMT present in the Persona series , but nothing too mental because SMT gave off a very dark aura that may not be acceptable to some fans…Because in the end, Persona games, to me, is sort of like a psychological therapy to many people out there since it represent humanity and one must not fear to face them… It does not throw you into another whirlpool of society issues least you are prepared for it.. Which is why I think new Persona fans or those whom just only played P3 and P4 will find the game distasteful.. Of course.. These are all opinions base on what I hear from you guys..So, please take it with pinch of salt… I on the other hand, enjoy mature issues like this.. So I hope I get to try them out one day…

    So yeap.. Thank you for the show! Hope to hear more..

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