Persona 4 Arena 2 was revealed! Episode 13 recording tomorrow! Post your questions!

(You can check out a whole plethora of screens here)

Well it’s not quite the Persona game everyone was hoping to be announced this month, but hell if we aren’t all really excited! We’ve decided to do a surprise podcast about the sudden announcement of Persona 4 Arena 2!!

Dacidbro will be returning, cleansing the world of all thirst as he always does! As will MoTheHawk, Logichole, and new to the show yet another fighting game connoisseur MikeMusclesMurphy!

So if you have any questions or thoughts on the game you’d like to share with us, post’em below!

27 thoughts on “Persona 4 Arena 2 was revealed! Episode 13 recording tomorrow! Post your questions!

  1. Any thoughts on the potential for 2 more characters in those corners?
    Also I’d love to hear wildly inaccurate tier list speculation based on the little knowledge we have.

  2. How do you think the two new characters would be placed in tiers? Would could be some good/bad match-ups based on what we know? Also, regarding story how would this continue from the first Arena and is it possible that anymore folks from Persona canon make an appearance?

  3. What new possibilities does Yukiko’s slow fireball open up for her?

    Will Akihiko’s new 2C make his grounded anti-air game any better, or will he still have to rely on 5A/really situational 2B?

    Now that all whiffed DPs are Fatal Counter state (by any move), what exactly does that mean? I.e. what does it mean to get FC’ed by a move that normally doesn’t FC? Off the top of your head, any new monster combos that you’ve been thinking as DP punish?

    What’s new with Aigis?

    Will the variable number of Persona cards matter as much? Or will we still see the same basic game plans from characters?

    Please explain the new Shadow variants of characters? Which characters would benefit most from their Shadow forms?

    Can Vineeth finally play Labrys and not lose?

  4. Are there any changes in the current loketests that might not make it to the final version?

    Is Persona 1 or 2 considered canon with 3&4? If so what characters from those games (if any) do you think might fit well in the Arena sequel?

  5. What are some of Labrys’ major changes and how do you think her changes will effect her placement on the tier list?

  6. According to what I’ve read, Atlus has no plans on bringing this version to consoles or to the US. Are they saying this because this version is still in testing, or are they legit in not bringing this outside of the arcade?

  7. What changes would you like to see for specific characters, system mechanics, and what not?
    What do you think the new title will be called, The Master of Tartarus Arena maybe?

  8. What change for the game would you most like to see that hasn’t been mentioned yet?

  9. With the changes to the system, do you think characters like Naoto will still have her SMP loops? Also with Naoto’s changes do you think she is better character now?

  10. A few for you to choose from:

    This one won’t be region locked will it?

    Console release time frame predictions? (Assuming that rumour floating around about it not coming to consoles at all is false).

    Will this gain enough momentum (or keep the momentum that P4A already has) to make it to EVO 2014?

    From what we currently know which characters appear to be the biggest beneficiaries from this update and who, if anyone, loses out most?

    How much do you anticipate this will ‘level the playing field’ among top-tier characters and/or top players? (From what little we know, of course)

    Considering this opportunity, what advice would you give casuals to prepare for this and hopefully improve and get more involved in the community?

  11. Regarding story: Would you guys prefer P3 MC’s story ark to be resolved in P4 Arena 2 (assuming a console version with a story mode is made) or would it be best left off to an RPG game? In the last case, would you prefer it to be Persona 5 or a spin-off starring the Shadow Operatives?

    Mitsuru – Considering all the nerfs, will this simply balance the character, or completely destroy her? (she does appear to have received quite a lot of nerfs)

    Elizabeth – Manual awakening -> Freeze opponent -> Heal while opponent’s frozen. Viable strategy or just something to try when playing scrubby?

  12. Is it true that hitting a level 5 corkscrew deletes the other character from the game?

  13. Do you think these will be the only two new characters, or is Atlus pulling a Capcom and trickling the news out to keep up interest?

    Also, as someone who’s just recently played through Golden for the first time, how awesome would it be to have Marie join the cast?

  14. 1. Of the existing characters, who has the highest capacity for improvement/unimprovement?

    2. Does the newfound existence of Shadow Narukami bother you? (Note: haven’t finished p4, please disregard if shadow Narukami is actually a thing later on)

    • I assume Shadow Yu won’t have any story significance, just like Shadow Akihiko/Mitsuru/Junpei/etc. wouldn’t make sense as well. I assume they’re there for Arcade mode only.

  15. Why are Yukari and Junpei obvious additions to this game? What makes them more desirable than other Persona characters? Do they fit in with the story?

  16. I saw some footage of Junpei and I noticed that Junpei has a Clean Hit effect similar to Sol form Guilty Gear. What exactly does this Clean Hit mean in P4C? For those who do not know, Clean Hit in Guilty Gear is when Sol hits the right part of another character’s body (i.e hitting someone in the heart will Clean hit rather than hitting someone in the arm).

  17. How do you guys feel about Marie from P4G as a potential playable character? Because of the credits sequence at the end of P4G we know she does have access to a Persona.

  18. Yo its Buddha. I was wondering, any thoughts at character roster size? You think they will only add 2 more people due to the 2 empty spots? Or will they pull a few surprises?

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