Persona 3 FES Let’s Play: Let’s Go On An Adventure!


Hello, I’m ScraftyDevil, and I’d like to introduce all you to the newest addition to S. Link FM: Scrafty and PK’s Excellent Adventure! PK and I are both enthusiastic members of PersonaGAF, and one day we had the crazy idea to do a Let’s Play of Persona 3 FES together for kicks and giggles. Since S. Link FM has such a wonderful and devoted audience, we though we’d share it here for all of you. Starting next week, we’ll be posting weekly updates on our progress, but you can catch up on the action every day by subscribing to Devil’s Wild Card on YouTube. We’re aware that the first four episodes have some issues with volume level, but they are entirely cleared up by Episode 5 so please just adjust your volume level until then! Here are the first eight episodes of our adventure:

You can find all the previous entries in the links below:

We hope you enjoy, and remember to be excellent to each other!

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