Episode 12: Every Day’s Great with Karen Strassman

It’s a landmark day for S.Link FM, after a tremendous amount of hype we were able to sit down and have a wonderful discussion with voice actress Karen Strassman. Karen has been among the most requested guests listeners have suggested to join us on the podcast. Obviously Karen voiced several characters in the Persona series from Aigis-the robot that longed to be human in Persona 3, to everyone’s favorite little cousin Nanako Dojima in Persona 4.(Several others too!)

Karen gave us plenty insight on how she steps into a role, not only in how she sets a character’s timbre, but also in how to have the correct mannerisms that fit said character. We also got a live demonstration of such, it was way too awesome!

It was such an honor to have Karen on, and this is easily among our best episodes-or if not, THE best episode we’ve done thus far.


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