Karen Strassman interview coming August 9th, send us your questions!

It’s high time we posted another megaton announcement, and the next episode is sure to set the bar for all to follow it. We’re very happy to announce that voice actress Karen Strassman will be joining us for Episode 12! Karen voiced Kirijo’s Anti-Shadow Suppression Weapon and everyone’s favorite robot Aigis in Persona 3. That’s not all though, as Karen was also the talent behind the Junes jingle quoting Nanako Dojima in Persona 4. Finally, Karen also voiced the fog enshrouded and true antagonist of Persona 4: Izanami. So yeah, Karen has quite a storied history with the series!

We will be recording Episode 12 with Karen on August 9th, which gives you plenty of time to come up with questions. So if you have any questions for Karen, please leave them on this post or tweet @SLinkFM on twitter. They don’t need to pertain to just Persona either. If you’d like to ask a question about any of her other roles or even things pertaining to the voice over industry, by all means ask!.

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17 thoughts on “Karen Strassman interview coming August 9th, send us your questions!

  1. When you came back to do Persona 4, was it challenging returning to the same franchise while playing an entirely different character?

    Furthermore, which out of the 3 Persona games you worked on was the most difficult?

    Love your work! 😉

  2. Hey, Sarah, You voiced Aigis perfectly. Who was your favorite character to voice?

  3. Big fan of your voice! Sawako Yamanaka from K-ON! is a personal favorite, but I really enjoy your work as Aigis and Nanako.
    1) With the announcement of the Persona 3 film adaptations in Japan, would you be excited to reprise your role as Aigis if given the chance?

    2) If you could live in the world of one of your voice roles (not exclusively Persona) which would you choose and why?

  4. My question is since you have been a part in both of the Fate series, which of them was more challenging character to perform as well as which was more exciting, Rider or Sola-Ui?

    P.S. have you read additional poems I’ve sent you on Facebook and I hope you have found it interesting.

  5. I was wondering what your thoughts on Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon were and what it was like voicing Sai. Did the game leave any effect on you?

  6. Dear Karen,

    I’m an aspiring amateur voice actor and attending The Seattle Art Institute currently. After I complete my associates in audio production, how can I land a job doing voice over work?

  7. First of all, love your work! 😀
    Second of all, considering you have played both a robot and a young girl in your career I must ask. How do you get into character for these roles? I mean, apart from being amazing that is? 😉
    Do you research the characters before hand in terms of what they sounded like in the Japanese version? Or do you think of other characters/people you know of in real life order to get the voice just right? 🙂

  8. Greetings Karen. How does it make you feel that people and aspiring voice actors like me have you as a model for their future?

  9. When doing MK9’s story mode, did you converse with yourself & record Kitana and Mileena’s lines at the same time? Also, does voicing a character in a fighting game require different preparation for a role?

  10. You, Liam, and Keith were awesome in Monster.
    What is your favorite Mastiff-type breed?

  11. So, being someone who was involved with Persona so heavily, have you heard any rumors about Persona 5 that may have some truth to them? Or do you think Persona 5 is just a pipe dream? People have been talking about it since Persona 4 was due to come out, and if you have any information on whether or not it’s in the works, or, heck, if it is even a consideration at this point, that would be great. Put these weary hearts to rest!

    And, if that question doesn’t fly, here’s another:

    If they do make Persona 5, and they asked you to come back and voice another character, would you be all over that like a wet t-shirt?

  12. Two Questions for Karen:

    01. How did it feel to return to the role of Suigintou after the few years between the dubbing of Ouverture OVA and the TV series? How do you feel about Suigintou as a character? Are you excited for the possibility of returning for the new series that just recently premiered in Japan?

    02. When They Cry has a big cult following and I remember loving your portrayal of Miyo Takano in that series. If you remember, how was it working on that series with Kristi Reed at Bang Zoom? (P.S.- I still have hope that someday the second series of that may possibly get dubbed, Miyo has a ton of development and backstory in that series I’d love to see you portray)

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