Let’s Play Weekly Roundup: August 14th-21st

titlecard2Hey guys, it’s ScraftyDevil back with the first week of updates on my and PK Gaming’s playthrough of Persona 3 FES! I’m very happy to inform you all that any and all sound issues that were previously present have been 100% eliminated, so that will no longer be a problem from here on out!

Remember that criticism is not only appreciated, but encouraged. If any of you have suggestions on how we can make this playthrough a more enjoyable and entertaining experience, feel free to sound off in the comments section below or on the video itself. If you’re a fan and would like to explore the possibility on being on the show in the future, you can also leave a comment below and we’ll look into getting you on in the future.

Thank you all for your patronage, and be excellent to each other!

Episode 13: Arena’s Climax


Atlus and Arc System Works shocked the gaming world with the sudden reveal of Persona 4 Arena Climax on the 15th of this month. So we decided it was best to get an episode out quickly while the thirst was still very real.

This episode’s panel consisted of Levito trying to understand what “5A/really situational 2B’s” are. MoTheHawk representing the FGC muscle of PersonaGAF. LogicHole proposing his Ryotaro/Nanako Dojima tag team ideas. Finally Dacidbro and MikeMuscles break down the complexities of Arena’s gameplay to a science.

We went over a myriad of topics such as: What does Arena Climax mean for competitive fighting games? Will there be more returning characters besides Junpei and Yukari? What is so special about the shadow characters? Will a certain historical figure from Persona 2 make his fighting game debut? All this and more on Episode 13 of S.Link FM!

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Persona 4 Arena 2 was revealed! Episode 13 recording tomorrow! Post your questions!

(You can check out a whole plethora of screens here)

Well it’s not quite the Persona game everyone was hoping to be announced this month, but hell if we aren’t all really excited! We’ve decided to do a surprise podcast about the sudden announcement of Persona 4 Arena 2!!

Dacidbro will be returning, cleansing the world of all thirst as he always does! As will MoTheHawk, Logichole, and new to the show yet another fighting game connoisseur MikeMusclesMurphy!

So if you have any questions or thoughts on the game you’d like to share with us, post’em below!

Persona 3 FES Let’s Play: Let’s Go On An Adventure!


Hello, I’m ScraftyDevil, and I’d like to introduce all you to the newest addition to S. Link FM: Scrafty and PK’s Excellent Adventure! PK and I are both enthusiastic members of PersonaGAF, and one day we had the crazy idea to do a Let’s Play of Persona 3 FES together for kicks and giggles. Since S. Link FM has such a wonderful and devoted audience, we though we’d share it here for all of you. Starting next week, we’ll be posting weekly updates on our progress, but you can catch up on the action every day by subscribing to Devil’s Wild Card on YouTube. We’re aware that the first four episodes have some issues with volume level, but they are entirely cleared up by Episode 5 so please just adjust your volume level until then! Here are the first eight episodes of our adventure:

You can find all the previous entries in the links below:

We hope you enjoy, and remember to be excellent to each other!

Episode 12: Every Day’s Great with Karen Strassman

It’s a landmark day for S.Link FM, after a tremendous amount of hype we were able to sit down and have a wonderful discussion with voice actress Karen Strassman. Karen has been among the most requested guests listeners have suggested to join us on the podcast. Obviously Karen voiced several characters in the Persona series from Aigis-the robot that longed to be human in Persona 3, to everyone’s favorite little cousin Nanako Dojima in Persona 4.(Several others too!)

Karen gave us plenty insight on how she steps into a role, not only in how she sets a character’s timbre, but also in how to have the correct mannerisms that fit said character. We also got a live demonstration of such, it was way too awesome!

It was such an honor to have Karen on, and this is easily among our best episodes-or if not, THE best episode we’ve done thus far.


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Karen Strassman interview coming August 9th, send us your questions!

It’s high time we posted another megaton announcement, and the next episode is sure to set the bar for all to follow it. We’re very happy to announce that voice actress Karen Strassman will be joining us for Episode 12! Karen voiced Kirijo’s Anti-Shadow Suppression Weapon and everyone’s favorite robot Aigis in Persona 3. That’s not all though, as Karen was also the talent behind the Junes jingle quoting Nanako Dojima in Persona 4. Finally, Karen also voiced the fog enshrouded and true antagonist of Persona 4: Izanami. So yeah, Karen has quite a storied history with the series!

We will be recording Episode 12 with Karen on August 9th, which gives you plenty of time to come up with questions. So if you have any questions for Karen, please leave them on this post or tweet @SLinkFM on twitter. They don’t need to pertain to just Persona either. If you’d like to ask a question about any of her other roles or even things pertaining to the voice over industry, by all means ask!.

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