Post-EVO podcast Episode with Dacidbro and Logic Hole records this Friday, send us questions!


Well the annual fighting game spectacle EVO 2013 recently concluded in Las Vegas, and there’s a lot to talk about. More specifically Persona 4: Arena’s place in the tournament, the winners, the losers, the drama, BananAmerica, hype, Yume’s dominance, and of course the Waifu Grand Prix. (Yeeees)

We’ve got 2 special guests lined up for this episode too: Professional fighting game guru Dacidbro will be joining us once again. As well as Logic Hole, a tournament co-organizer, streamer, and competitor himself.

We’ll also get to hear all about how podcast regulars Armada and Mo fared in their EVO pools!

So if you have any questions at all regarding EVO, or the future of P4: Arena, by all means ask away!

8 thoughts on “Post-EVO podcast Episode with Dacidbro and Logic Hole records this Friday, send us questions!

  1. What are your opinions on P4A’s balance? Does the fact that EVO finals were a Mitsuru vs Aigis match show how broken the game is at the moment? Or do you believe this to be highly circumstantial?

    • Sort of related so Ill post this as a reply, tho the question is ofcourse for the podcast
      Top 8 for P4A had no Narukamis or Chies, who from what I understand are generally considered two of the if not the best in the game (often hear these 2 and Aigis and Mitsuru swapping for top 2, with Shabrys Teddie and Yosuke generally following , next group being Akihiko and Naoto, then Labrys Kanji and Liz), more so in a tournament format due to having such strong oki leading to matches having a good chance of going heavily their way just from one opening. Having basically half the cast in top 8 and excluding those 2 do you believe this votes strongly for the balance of the game?

  2. Dacidbro!

    How can you both be the drunk one AND the responsible one at the same time?

    Did you ever get to mirror match Domi’s Akihiko after that one match that got canceled?

    What’s with that dance on Vine, now also featured in the Attack on EVO video?

    I know you’re busy with school/courses, developing skills and life, but will you return to competing any time soon? In Chrono Phantasma, maybe?

    Is it true that out of all the Japanese P4 players who came to EVO to compete, you only followed Mui on twitter?! Ahem.

    I’m sure my general questions for Armada and Mo will be answered whether I ask them or not, so until next time!

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