Episode 10: A Beary good time with Sam Riegel


Well folks, we were once again able to sit down and have a chat behind one of the voices of the Persona 4 cast. This time, Sam Riegel, who voiced Teddie in Persona 4: The Golden, Persona 4: Arena, and Persona 4: The Animation came on the show. Sam shed some light on his acting career, touched on what it was like working on the Persona projects, and gave some Beary good advice on for those looking to make it in the voice acting industry. This was a very bearable episode to record, nothing grizzly about it!

Apologies in advance that we did not get to everyone’s questions, we were on a bit of a time constraint. This episode is a lot more concise than previous ones and Sam really elaborate on the questions we did ask, so a lot of the reader questions were answered in passing anyways.

Many thanks again to Mr. Riegel for joining us!

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