Episode 10 with Sam Riegel is recording soon, send us your questions!

tedGOTAfter our somewhat  episode-light month of June, the podcast is coming back in a big way. For the upcoming Tenth Episode, we’re bringing on and interviewing voice actor Sam Riegel! Sam provided the voice for Teddie in Persona 4: The Golden, Persona 4: The Animation, and Persona 4: Arena. Sam has also voiced a whole plethora of popular characters from various media like BioShock Infinite, Guild Wars 2, Samurai Champloo, World of WarCraft and a whole slew of other titles. Don’t hesitate to ask about the other work he’s don outside of Persona!

So if you have a question for Mr. Riegel you want read on that episode by all means post it here! Alternatively you can send you questions to @slinkfm on twitter.

We’d beary much appreciate it!

4 thoughts on “Episode 10 with Sam Riegel is recording soon, send us your questions!

  1. Mr. Riegel, I have to applaud for your performance of Teddie.Your voice acting makes up the largest part of why I love this character and why he is my favorite of the whole P4 bunch.You surpassed Dave Wittenbergs perfomance with ease, I can feel your passion and the fun it must have been to be the voice of a womanizing, yet adorable and well written mascot character.Thank you beary much! Now to my questions :
    Do you have a favorite Teddie or P4 scene in general?
    If you could ship Teddie with someone (boy or girl, doesn´t matter 😉 ), who would it be?
    Did you have any influence on your sister Eden getting the role of Marie?
    Is there any chance we´re getting a P4: Arena sequel (the campaign´s ending smelled og it) or even a new P4 title someday?I simply love the new look of the characters at the P4G ending ^.^
    Is there any hope we could hear you in a role in Persona 5?
    Was there any event that has led you to focus more on voice acting rather than acting as you started your career?
    Do you have a special game, movie or audio book you would love to voice direct or be a voice actor in?
    Do you rather like to write stories or lend your voice to an already written story?
    Which is the most hilarious line you ever had to say?
    Do you play the games you´re appearing in at your free time for example?
    Will you be attending any conventions in Germany someday for example Gamescom in Cologne?
    And how the f**k come Atlus didn´t mention the names of the English VAs in the credits?Possibly my fav VA crew in a game of all time, Erin, Troy, Yuri etc., all of you brought a huge smile to my face, kudos to the max!

  2. I would greatly appreciate it if you could ask Mr. Riegel about his work in the new Ace Attorney game, Duel Destinies, and as Phoenix Wight in UMVC3. Thanks!

  3. did you have a role casting your sister as Marie or was it a pure coincidence?

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