Update: itunes, future episodes, and announcements!

Over the past few days we’ve been bombarded with a plethora of positive feedback over our most recent episode Mind Games and I can’t thank you enough for it. The Podcast has grown exponentially in only a few short weeks and it’s very humbling, than you all so much for listening to it! Now it’s time to move on to the exciting announcements.

First off, S.Link FM is now officially available on the itunes storeIt was long overdo, but now you can easily search and subscribe to the show on itunes. Hopefully this will help us reach a wider audience and make it easier to find the podcast in general.

Now we’re also restructuring the podcast a bit, and we’ve decided to use a different arrangement of music. The show station ID created by Jintor will remain, but Electronica in the Velvet room will not be in future episodes. However the incredibly talented Doug Farrell has been kind enough to allow us to use his SMT arrangements from now on. You can check out his stuff on his website here, or check out his SMT arrangements on his Youtube channel. Can’t thank Doug enough for allowing S.Link FM to feature his music, check out a sample below!

As for future episode plans, we’ve got some really exciting stuff to announce:

  • First off, the competitive fighting game legend Dacidbro will be be joining us on Episode 6. We plan to go over Persona 4: Arena’s competitive scene, the competitive Catherine movement, and where to get started with fighting games in general. That Episode will be recording on the 17th and will be available soon after.
  • We’re still working on the details for this next one, but in the near future we are very happy to announce that voice actress Erin Fitzgerald will be joining us on the Podcast! Erin voiced Chie Satonaka in Persona 4 The Golden, Persona 4 Arena, and Persona 4 The Animation. We’re overjoyed that Erin is willing to come chat with us about her career as a voice actress, and more specifically about her role as Chie in Persona. More details about that episode in the coming days.

Finally we’ll be taking your questions on the podcast from now on, so next Monday I’ll put up a questions post for Episode 6 with DacidBro. Hope you all have some good stuff ready for Dacidbro!


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