Episode 5: Mind Games


The occult has always been a huge part of Shin Megami Tensei, and therefore also a huge part of the Persona series. In Episode 5 of S.Link FM, we delve into the theology, mysticism, tarot influence, philosophy and myriad of topics pertaining to the ridiculous amount of detail that goes into the SMT games. Joined by resident SMT/Persona Keeper of Knowledge cj_iwakura, psychotherapist venfayth, and theological/philosophical enthusiast ScraftyDevil, this was a heavy discussion, but ultimately one of our best yet, hope you enjoy listening.

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6 thoughts on “Episode 5: Mind Games

  1. I believe you are wrong about the demons not being, who they are exactly. In devil survivor they did say that demons gain strength from worshipers, but the angels are still God’s angel, same with the demons, they still are those demons

    • I’m pretty sure there was one SMT game where it was implied that angels were just demons taking on angelic forms to fool believers. I can’t recall what it was, though.

      • hmm, as far as devil survivor goes I believe my statment holds true, however it may be another alternate timeline.

      • thinking about it more that idea only works for an isolated game. Thinking about nocturne, there’s only about 4-5 humans and I don’t think there would be a point in fooling them (though admittedly im not done the game yet). What you may be thinking of is Belberith fooling the Shomonkia into getting people into believe in him to save them in Devil Survivor. Perhaps in conjunction with Amane saying that angels and demons are one and the same, angels being just another type of demon.

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