Site update, current events, and future Podcast plans!

This has been quite the week for S.Link FM, after all the site has now officially been up and active for a week! (Well thereabouts anyways)

We actually got quite a bit of traffic this week, seeing that the podcast was shared all over sites like 4chan, reddit, Penny Arcade, and of course NeoGAF is very encouraging. I’m sure that shidoshi sharing the LGBT diversity episode also helped quite a bit as well, that was probably our best episode to date. Not to mention getting out 2 episodes within 5 days of each other probably helped a bunch too!

So on to the future, currently we have a few ideas for new shows:

  • Exploring the mysticism and philosophy behind the series and the various Persona’s
  • A look at the competitive fighting scene behind P4: Arena with a special guest we have lined up
  • A look at the events in P4: Arena’s story mode and the impact it’s had on the overarching Persona storyline

We’re open to suggestions and requests from the listeners as to what particular topics you’d like to hear us discuss, in fact if there’s something you’d like to come on to the podcast yourself and discuss, then by all means please do! Contacts us by either leaving a comment, tweeting us @SLinkFM, or email us at We’re always open to bringing on fellow SMT/Persona fans!

Finally, yes we know the site is not very easy on the eyes currently. Thankfully though, some incredibly talented artist’s working on banners, backgrounds, and show title cards for us.

I’m going to be on vacation for the next week so if I don’t get back to you right away don’t worry about it, in time I will get back to you.


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